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  1. I don't see a specification on that but I'd be very surprised if it employed an R-2R dac; it sure looks like what I'd expect in a delta-sigma dac based product when I look at the boards.
  2. Other than for stuff that is cheap I don't think I'd bother with a delta-sigma dac other than the Sabre (preferably 32) at this point.
  3. Probably. I'll think about a recommendation on that one. Current steering amp w/o feedback probably would have been costly on the R/D side, especially if they wanted nice numbers for the specs as it would have required pretty heroic EC; probably not practicable.
  4. Hmm...in the picture it sure looks like I/V is done via a dual opamp but maybe I'm looking at it wrong. I was kind of wondering about the discrete I/V since even at a cursory glance with that many devices I'd have guessed it'd be an opamp topo and for $299 I'd have been surprised about the 0.001% THD spec on that. Edit: heh, nice catch Pars. That's what I get for not checking the second page of the thread first.
  5. Stick plugs into your ears and hum to yourself. Very realistic sound is achieved this way.
  6. I did try it on the model 4 a couple times. However, I didn't seem to really know how to use it very well. When I tried to compare on vs. off, the levels didn't match. I tried to compensate for that, but only by ear. So, while it seemed like after I did that I was getting the same sort of sound, I couldn't really conclude much. It would be neat to run a good comparison test some time . I didn't ask questions about it for the purpose of trying to debunk it; I was just genuinely curious about what it did.
  7. Really, I was just trying to find out what the software did (or was supposed to do). I asked Dreadhead for clarification on his comment since in another thread it seemed to be suggested that some sort of DSP is done, which interested me
  8. So you're saying the output is quantitatively identical to the input? If so, I don't really understand what the purpose of this software is.
  9. Does Amarra have a whitepaper describing what their software does?
  10. I can bring my DAC, amp (dynalo), and headphones (K701/K271)
  11. I thought it had a "Live View" EVF finder, not an optical, although some people I guess use third party optical finders. Though, that's not really the same sort of thing as what you get with an SLR.
  12. Here's my late-to-the-game advice... Really, nowadays, any of the dSLRs have adequate image quality for taking excellent amateur photography. That is not going to be the limiting factor. So, what you should probably be looking at is principally (a) what lens system you want to buy into (because, long term, that's what will occupy most of your investment if you continue to want to expand your usage), and ( which camera's design is intuitive and comfortable for you to the point that it least hinders your photography. I've used the GF1 and EP1 and thought they were both fine cameras. However, I tend to prefer an optical viewfinder and so that would probably keep me from investing in that system. Secondly, the 3:2 system dSLRs have more lenses available and there are a decent amount of third-party, good quality, versatile lenses available for those systems. So, for me, I find it to favor going that direction. Consider issues such as this. I am not saying you will or ought to feel the same about these things, but these are the sorts of questions you should probably be asking yourself.
  13. Hopefully will be able to make it. Too bad we couldn't have it at the Englander
  14. HD800 sounds like 701 with less mids, some more low end (not dramatic, but significant), and maybe a bit narrower soundstage. I didn't think the HD800 sounded bad, but in music where I thought the 701 could really use maybe a bit more mids, it was like they were literally sucked out on the HD800. Fine for classical and some jazz, but I thought the 701s were markedly superior for most of my other music due to that problem *shrug*. I definitely would not call it a K701 on steroids, though. It's really just its own thing, love it or hate it. There is definitely a pronounced difference between old and new. The first pair I had, I thought was broken as it sounded very different from the three other pairs some people I knew had. I tried a new pair after that, and while at first that pair sort of sounded like those older pairs, after another month or so of using it it was back where the first pair was. Honestly I read the complaints about the 701 and I'm just not hearing it whenever I use it, and I've used several of the Senns many many times, particularly the 580 which I've done longish term listening on.
  15. I find the murata np0 work better than x7r for high speed circuits but I guess YMMV. For through hole 100nF I use TDK caps from digikey. Glad you got it working, apparently. Any particular reason you switched to browndog?
  16. Happy B-Day! Sorry I didn't see the thread sooner; I don't tend to browse OT much >.<
  17. Clearly this is cause for acquiring more DACs >.> Happy Birthday, Dinny
  18. Okay. That more or less spelled it out. Thanks
  19. I'd like to see more info on how they do the I/V. Kind of weird that they use PCM1704-K and then their spec is roughly TI's spec of the ordinary grade chip using a suboptimal NE5534-based I/V. On the other hand, if it's just noise (such as big fb resistor to accomodate the -6dB attenuation spec'd by Pac Micro), then I guess that's understandable. In any case, not suggesting it'll sound worse, but if they're using an op-amp based output something reasonably well optimised should be able to meet the K spec. If not, well then I especially want to know more! TI's spec for the chip is arguably a bit conservative, too, at least based on my experience with this chip *shrug*. Anyway, would like moar infos.
  20. I like how it almost reads as though the 8 dacs, hyperstream modulator, and asrc are something other than standard equipment on the sabre32. Next they'll be telling us the fact that it has an LCD display is an exotic feature.
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