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  1. There are 2 different gerber files for the carbon version .6G kgsshvcarbonv6ground and kgsshvcarbonv6ground2 I see clear differences with the traces, does anyone know why?
  2. 13297 pcs of cree C2M1000170D https://www.micro-semiconductor.com/products/Cree-Wolfspeed/C2M1000170D Way too cheap.... but looks legit.
  3. Long time between drinks, been working on this for a few months and finally got my panels back. It’s going to be a dual mono GRLV PS with a quartet of CFA2’s, balanced in and out using a Goldpoint 10k 47 position stepper.
  4. I like the wireless II’s a lot, the app is solid and very intuitive, the sound improvement is impressive, all aspects seem to have taken a performance leap. My main gripe with the first generation beside the shitty app is treble harshness, which is more evident since the II’s arrived. I still like the old version though, it’s doing still doing duties in an upstairs system and sounds great. Not a fan of the II’s matte finish... and titanium looked much better in photos.
  5. That makes sense now, and after re-reading the data sheet the default value is 50K, but it does state they can accommodate 10K, 20K and 100K... probably as a special order of no less than 200pcs haha. Earlier today I reached out to Alps Alpine, I may get lucky, if not there's a 10K Goldpoint 47 stepper.
  6. Cannot find a quad 10k RK50 pot anywhere, mouser have the 50k in stock... Is 50k pot ok for CFA2?
  7. Sorry to hear the news, dear Matlida RIP.
  8. Does anybody see an issue using MMBTA56LT1G/MMBTA06LT1G now that MMBTA56/MMBTA06 are obsolete?
  9. The ones on eBay are only suitable for 15/25VA sizes. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Bare-PCB-mounting-PCB-install-circuit-board-for-Talema-seal-transformer-Square/132276238616?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Would be pretty simple to breadboard, ensuring you use stand-offs and insulate the underside.
  10. awww... many thanks guys! Had a great day hiking and swimming!
  11. The Okto research DAC8 looks to a top notch performer. I’ve caved and bought a RMR ADI-DAC 2 FS.
  12. Same goes here I have a few to spare.... 😀 if anyone’s interested.
  13. A combination of a very late night and no sleep... I know see where I was going wrong, thanks for jolting my brain.
  14. Kevin two UHP-350-24 connected in series is +/-48V. Should we be using two UHP-350-12 in series for +/-24V? I’ve ordered UHP-350-24....
  15. allpcb rejected the gerbers, the format they support is R274-X, I’m hopeless with this stuff, what do I need to do?
  16. Anyone have a spare board? ...if possible a spare 4CP 2500? I have a bunch of stuff if tradings good for you!
  17. Hi Michael, my package arrived safely, thanks very much for all your hard work.
  18. Good to see more well lived 90+s
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