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Formula 1 Thread


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Thought I'd start a dedicated F1 thread.

Watching F1 Countdown. NBCSP's first GP programing.

So far,..

Loved to see that Will is back in the pits.

But, talk about a big shiny studio! (maybe too big for just 3 guys)

So, it looks like the money is flowing pretty well.


Looking forward to Australia coming up!

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I think Louis will surprise some people this year. I think he may be another one who, like Alonso, can take a substandard car and raise it several levels by his skill and daring alone. And if he does that, it will inspire the team to get behind him and push even harder. If we see that happen, Rosberg had better watch out.


Edit: We also need to get mikeymad in here. And we may need to put a spoilers limit on post-race posting as I know he sees most races a day or two after the event.

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Edit: We also need to get mikeymad in here. And we may need to put a spoilers limit on post-race posting as I know he sees most races a day or two after the event.


I have been lurking... 


I plan to just avoid this thread until I have seen the race (I always watch the race no matter what, live or download).. So I have no problem with people posting and talking about results - as long as they are pretty much limited to here (this thread that is). It is up to me at that point.  It worked out pretty well last year - just about all chat was contained in the Austin thread. 


If I come across a "cheers to button win", or "can't believe what happened to Alonzo" -- in the Drinking Now Thread - that is when I get mad  --  :mikey2:


Cheerfulmikeymad becomes madmikeymad



Other than that -- Super happy to have F1 back this weekend...  I am pretty sure I will watch about 12 hours of coverage all together. (FP1 in 3 days!) Got to check out new teams and cars.  Only have watched a couple hours from first test day.




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On this side of the pond,.. most of the races are at crazy hours (1-5 am).

I still watch them live. Even though they're sometimes shown at a normal hour, they are often edited.

Call me crazy, but even when there's a rain delay or the safety car's out there for a long time, I still watch it just in case some gem of wisdom from Hobbs or Machett slips past the censors or Will gets caught trying to sit in Alonzo's red throne!

I do watch the delayed practice  or, if I'm really lazy, qualifying sometimes.

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Just checked NBCS's F1 listings.

Looks like we will get a delayed Practice 1 just before the "live" Practice 2.

Then there's qualifying.

Then a repeat of qualifying.

Then 9 hours later, a repeat of Practice 2, then qualifying again, then the race.

And then,.. something called "F1 Extra" which should be a post race thing.


So, it looks like there's going to be plenty of chances to see most of the days and being able to watch Practice 1 will be cool!

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oh I give blanket approval for any race talks in this thread at any time. (It will be up to me or others to avoid the thread til I/they, know the results).

I have watched the race... and was very happy as an opener. Great strategy/driving all the way around.

Any indication - looking forward to the season.

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Okay Mikey.


Great opener and it was a singular pleasure to see Kimi genuinely happy!

Man,.. but those tires! But like they said in the post race, they'll get it sorted out in a few races.


It was great to see that Alonso kept Seb at bay and it was very cool to see everyone avoid any crazy wrecks.

Poor Webber! His start woes continue. Probably the guy that really hated seeing "launch control" banned.

The rookies looked pretty good.  And Force India is really keeping up their momentum from last season.


And talk about looking good,.. the camera man sure found some beauties hanging around the paddocks! I must've muttered "I'm in love" 3 or 4 times during the weekend!

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It's been a great race. I still don't get why Massa got so pissed off by the team decision of changing Fernando's tires first, specially after he created some trouble not letting him to take over when Sebastian was taking off. He should be proud he finally contributed some points to the team :palm:

Next race will tell if this is just a mirage or Ferrari as a team can really be competitive. I'm unsure this is the result of the happy coincidence of weather and track issues, or that Red Bull by getting more grip is going to have faster tires degradation.

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I thought it was a very good race. Regardless of whether the weather helped Ferrari, it is obvious they are leagues ahead of where they were at the same time last year. Fernando drove well and Massa seems to have pulled his thumb out and gotten with the program.


I was not upset that Kimi won. He's probably the only "old style" driver out there. He doesn't give a rat's patoot about the promotional/glamour/shiny side of the sport. He's one of those guys who is not afraid to tell the world to kiss his ass. Those people are rare in racing these days.


McLaren may need to do some digging. Neither car looked impressive. Mercedes was pretty impressive and will hopefully continue to improve and impress. And Force India? Hell yeah!


Red Bull? It's good to see Vettel didn't run away from anyone this time. I don't begrudge them their past glory but I'd really like to see how Vettel does as a driver when he has to run further down the field with others in equal cars. Oh, and there is no truth to the rumor that Mark Webber is lobbying for rolling starts... :D


So we have the potential for a great season. Let's see how things go from here on out.


Forza Ferrari!!

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