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Formula 1 Thread


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New beginning

I wonder who the hell decides what are the changes to be implemented each season and which are the goals of them. Bernie Ecclestone on acid? Wasn't this sport about speed? It's painful to see the cars going slower than past season. 


I'm afraid this is going as a boring season as the most boring we can remember. Looks like Ferrari isn't going to deliver a decent car yet again, and that Red Bull knows something nobody else knows. Honestly, I wish Mercedes can keep up there.

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Exciting race for sure!

I was glad to see McLaren do so much better but felt sorry for poor Lotus.

Seeing the drivers grappling with those cars was a sight. And all the stuff going on made me forget the strange engine sounds for a bit.

It all seems to be a perfect storm for the rookie drivers though. As far as most of them are concerned, this is the way an F1 car drives!

Be that as it may, big congrats to Magnessun. McLaren looks like a bunch of genius' on that one!

Very cool to see Martini's colors on the Williams and to see them developing a decent car. The steady money can't hurt!

Hopefully the smoke will clear by mid season.

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I agree regarding Massa. If Bottas had enough to pass him, do it. If he didn't have enough skill to get around Massa, he sure as heck wasn't going to get around Button.


A good race for Lewis and all the proof I need that Ferrari should not be in the hands of the Italians. Think they can coax Ross Brawn back out of retirement?? :)

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I'm afraid that just proves the little faith Williams have on him, more or less the same I have :( But I agree, if Bottas hadn't the skill, or exceeding speed to overtake him, he probably wasn't fast enough to pass Button either.


It was a pretty boring race. Looks like Ricciardo inherited Weber's curse. Ferrari won't have a competitive car this year either. I wonder if Fernando will stay in Ferrari the next season. On the other hand, where would he go? What a waste of talent.

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I was cracking Debbie up because the few times that a Ferrari did pass something, I'd make statements like "Did Fernando just pass a taxi?" Pathetic.


The rest of the race was a lot of fun. Seeing Ricciardo head Vettel again was very pleasing, and seeing the former low-end teams dicing it up in the front end of the pack was awesome. I'm sad that Mercedes is showing such dominance, but then even Lewis and Nico gave us a great show. Massa and Bottas drove strong races, and Perez gets to flip of McLaren a little bit for getting on the podium.


Ferrari 2014 - the new Toro Rosso!! >:D

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Wow.. what a really good race.. I am glad that merc called it in the end (fought til the last few laps).. very good racing all the way... It has been a long time since I have seen a really good race... very sad for Button, happy for Massa for a strong race..  Hard to see the Italians putting up a fight this year. 


More races like this please.....

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