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Well, it looks like they didn't fire him, he "stepped down".....




The sad thing is the new guy is not only also Italian but he comes from sales.... hunker down Tifosi, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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Unfortunately the car is a turd already, and the new manager will hardly be able to improve it enough to be competitive against Mercedes or RB.


Or Williams, btw.


China GP will be 4 a.m. Brazilian time, another sleepless night. Hope it´ll be as good as the last one. 


Nico has 1 win on this track, Lewis 2, but Alonso pulled an unexpected win last year, when he was also the underdog. Sounds promising. 


Marco Mattiacci, Ferrari North America, sales expert, no experience whatsoever in car racing, is what they are saying here. Tifosi will have to sit and wait one more year, at least...

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Strange, to me, is the fact that the company do not have a member of the current staff, tried and used in F1 circus, able to do a better job than a complete stranger.


´cause a salesman from US is nothing but a stranger in a (very) strange land. 

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Yup, Kimi had a great start, and bad luck too. Like Vettel, the Spanish TV announcer said Sebastian inherited Weber's bad luck :D. The Mercedes kids are behaving pretty well, I was expecting some aggressive take over try by Louis, but he stood calm. However the feeling I have is that he'll settle accounts somewhere else.

It's a pity Ferrari can't give Fernando a really competitive car. Maybe with a good car his qualities wouldn't show as much as they're showing now. I mean he'd be heading the championship with the same kind of boring repetition as Vettel did past years.

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Seems like the drivers are still not as confident with these new cars as with the old formula.

There wasn't much of that delicate dancing through the left/right complexes that I'm used to seeing.

Maybe the throttle response just isn't there with the turbo? Maybe they're braking instead of tapping the throttle?

(Talk about a wild ass guess!)

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That was pretty awesome for sure!

I really found myself rooting for Williams and Force India but once the smoke cleared and I saw that Riccardo had a shot, I couldn't help but grin right along with him!

All that technical stuff is super interesting but it always comes down to the human interest for me.

The kinda stuff that makes this sport amazing!

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It is not a new rule, there is always a thin line between going as fast as possible and keeping it on the track. Two wheels slightly off is fine, four is not but maybe I am wrong. Could be track specific, and if it is, the drivers are well aware of that.


It applies during racing as well, although usually they only get a few warnings.

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