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I always seem to forget how much I enjoy this race every year. And even though the win by Vettel was uneventful, there was plenty of action behind that to keep me amused.

It was great to see that McLaren seems to be getting their act together.

At the same time, it struck me how easily the lesser teams can be left in the dust as the better funded teams, eek out a handful of milliseconds race after race.

At first, I kinda felt a little sorry for the teams that can't afford to do any more development on their current car and are forced to save every penny for the 2014 rules and regs machine,..

Then I thought about the big picture and how wildly extravagant sport has become. In that light, even the lowest team member of the smallest team is lucky to be involved in what is something of a living art form (IMHO).

Constantly evolving, complex and in the end, still a man vs. nature pursuit.


I've been following F1 since the early 70's when I had to be satisfied with reading about the European races and looking at still pictures. I couldn't wait to read Rob Walker's report on my favorite circuits as well as the "new" drivers and car developments. Unfortunately, driver deaths at that time were not uncommon (seems like there were pic's of cars avoiding deer about once a year!).

Watching the Belgian GP really brings back a lot of memories for me. Maybe it's the farmhouses or Eau Rouge?

But it wraps itself around me like an old familiar coat that I take out once a year. 

40 years latter and I still love it!

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Well said Steve... 


Really liked (and always have in the past) the Spa race... Lots of 'driving', and the track itself (and conditions) force you to make a call and live by it.


Also happy that Alonzo outdrove his car and team again, up in the points.. sad about Kimi loosing out (the streak and standings) 

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He's Alonso. Just sayin' :P He's a great driver, and seems to be improving over the years, but Vettel is in the same kind of cycle that enjoyed Schumacher at Ferrari. I don't see Ferrari building a car which can outdo or at least be in par to the RB. Not this season, probably not the next one. It feels as a waste of talent.

Spa is a classic race, but it never was among my favorites. I don't know why because it's a wonderful circuit and usually has plenty of action. I'll have to learn to see it with different eyes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Steve.

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Nicely said Steve. I go back to the early '80's and am amazed at how much the sport has changed, and yet stayed the same.


Spa was an excellent race this year, and I was happy to see Fernando eak out a second place finish. But you guys in California, and maybe even you Antonio, might have heard me praying VERY LOUDLY for rain in those last 10-15 laps. But, it was not to be.


Next up, my cathedral - Monza.

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Agree. I think great tracks such as Spa, Monza, Silverstone, Suzuka all stand so much prouder against the undoubtedly fast but often boring Herman Tilke tracks of the modern era.


And, in other news, Red Bull has finally announced Ricciardo as Webber's replacement. I don't mind being wrong when there are no bad options. It would have been great to see Kimi square up to Vettel, but from my perspective another Aussie in a Red Bull is terrific.



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I would think Lotus might want someone younger. Massa has not shown the pace or desire in the last few years. I think his big accident changed him, and why wouldn't it? I know almost losing my life would change me.


If I had to guess, I'd say Hulkenberg. And my opinion is Ferrari should have taken him. Alonso probably has one or two more years before he gives it up, and Kimi is old for an F1 driver too. Hulkenberg would have brought some youth to the team, a challenge to Fernando, and would have provided a steady driver going forward after Alonso retires.


Ferrari needs to remember how its founder did things. Enzo loved to pit drivers against each other and in many cases it forced the drivers to strive for more. You want to know who should be running Ferrari? He was in their garage a few weeks ago. Not Domenicali, not even Di Montezemelo. You want someone to bring Ferrari back to the top? Hire Flavio Briatore to run the team. Did he cheat at Benneton? Sure. But does he know how to manage a team? You bet your ass.


ferrari rant over.

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Good points about Massa.

Actually, I'm thinking that the financial bind that Lotus is in may make up their mind about a replacement for Kimi.

Maldonado and the oil money he brings with him comes to mind.

Having him and Grosjean on the same team would be scary but it might be the only way to keep Lotus afloat.


I always liked Flavio. There sure was some great chemistry with Alonso when they were with Renault.

I can't really remember how long he was banned from all FIA events but it seems like it was for a long, long time. I was actually surprised to see him in the pits.

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Actually the FIA lifted his ban and he was free to return in 2013. He said he had no interest in it anymore, so my dream of him at Ferrari is probably never going to happen.


Also, I never thought about Maldonado - it makes sense. Part of the reason Kimi left is supposedly because of late payments by Lotus. It's a shame, as the car has been right on the edge of being great these last two years. Hopefully they can stay afloat.

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Yeah, when I heard about Kimi not being paid on time, I couldn't help but wonder where Lotus would be if they had proper funding.

That must've been an awkward moment for whoever had to tell him!


I guess Lotus's problems started in 2012 when they had the biggest financial loss in F1 history. I guess that happened because of loss of sponsorship funding.

You can't have a world wide recession without everybody getting burned at least a little.


I'm glad to hear that Flavio's ban was lifted.

They could use more characters in F1 IMHO. I get kind of tired of the cool, collected pit wall bosses.

Racing is all about passion!

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I'm guessing it's ok to post this here as we're all open wheel racing fans...


The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is going to have an IndyCar race on the road track they built for F1...

They've added the changes they offered to Bernie pre-race when he fucked us & thousands of spectators over...

It should be really interesting...The cars are much faster than F1...To top it off, they're going to make prices lower than 500 tickets:)...

Lemme know if any of you Chicagoans etc plan to make it down...

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The comments on the previous page regarding Webber going to Ferrari turns out to be truer than we knew. Apparently, Mark was in discussion with Ferrari, but they couldn't make the deal work - shame really


And, on Massa related news, during today's broadcast for the Suzuka race, Tom Clarkson from the BBC made the comment that Massa brings quite a bit of money with him, and - perhaps more importantly - he is Brazilian. Brazil has the largest F1 TV audience. So in Clakson's words, "Burnie needs a Brazilian driver". Well, that explains that issue. Barrichello was linked to Sauber, but it seems that Massa will be taking his money to Sauber next year.

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So... Vettel, Red Bull blah blah blah......


Kimi not paid, says he'll boycott the last two races. But wait, no, now it's back surgery. Must keep up appearances. :)


Perez in the doghouse and Magnusson possibly getting a 2014 McLaren.....


Massa to Williams as predicted but they say he is not a pay driver. Lets see whose logo's are on the car next year... :D


2014 cars a complete crapshoot, except only one team has Newey... And Ferrari still using their wind tunnel to suck and not blow.


I do love my visits to The Circus.


Happy USGP folks. Let's hope it's fun and Brazil as well. Then we can sit back and hope everyone is even next year. At least that's what I hope.



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The tickets are actually for the May Indy Car road course race on the old Indy F1 course. I'm looking forward to going back to the Brickyard and watching a whole bunch of cars dive down into the turn 1/2/3 complex.


And yeah, if you have not been to an F1 race Mikey you owe it to yourself. The noise is glorious and will probably still be so with turbo'd V6's. I'd like to hang with you in Austin in the future as the 1st year was a good deal of fun.


And I do tend to rant about F1, but to me there really is no other game in town. I'll follow it until my eyes open no more.

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Even though the drivers championship was decided in India, I can't say that I enjoyed the last races of this season any less (I thought that I might but I was just as glued to the set every lap!).


Very sorry to see Webber leave the series but I'll be watching him in the sports car series now.

I must say that my opinion of Vettel has warmed a bit and the points that Hobbs and company have made regarding seeing F1 history being made is well taken.


Seeing Massa's emotion at leaving Ferrari in Brazil reminded me of the superstar status many of these guys have in their respective countries. And it also makes a stark contrast to the behavior of these guys to the bombastic/cartoon persona's that players in most other big sports present to the public.


So, lots of stuff to look forward to seeing for 2014!

I'm thinking that it might take a lot of races for all the teams to sort things out. I think it might highlight just how crazy it is not to allow on track testing!

I can't help but feel sorry for the teams that are struggling for funding. Design talent is expensive!

Still, the cars are the cars and the drivers are the drivers and however the cars turn out, the drivers characters will hold true. And that's really what keep me coming back for more.

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I respected his sportive abilities, but kind of disliked the guy. I read the news this morning here. It seems pretty terrible, they're not saying specifics about the injuries, but intraparenquimatous bleeding, were it the case, is very bad news for they cannot evacuate the hematomas. Depending on placement and extension, prognosis is really disastrous. I wish he recovers.

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