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You're probably right in all the Red Bull stuff going on. I always saw them as a part of a different business, and I'm still pretty dubious about them playing fair on all that superiority their cars had. But that's history now.


Over here some "experts" say that what Alonso wants is going to Mercedes, and he might take a sabbatical to let Hamilton's contract due. They base this on the fact that Alonso is at his prime and wants a winning car right now. The only team offering that in one or two seasons is Mercedes unless there's a huge rules change again. The fact is that he still hasn't resigned from Ferrari, nor Ferrari has signed a contract with Vettel. Fernando might fuck Ferrari quite a bit if he refused to go and wanted to let his contract finish to its end after next season.


Today's was a weird race even for Suzuka. It's a shame what happened to Bianchi, I wish he makes it. What a case of bad luck :(

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I wouldn't underestimate what kind of engine Honda will come up with or how ruthless Ron Dennis could be to put together a stunning run for the championship.

When Honda was supplying engines to Williams, the money and manhours they threw at the effort was almost considered unfair.

You can be assured that they're re entry into F1 will be a cost no object effort that will make most other engine programs look like a joke.


And while I'd never let Ron Dennis in my house, if I wanted to win a championship at all costs, I'd look no further!

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Here we have a guy that do a terrific job talking ´bout F1, in a funny and rather unconventional way...


Don´t know how much would be lost in translation, but there it is:


MONDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2014 - 24:11 • F-1


F1 2014: Bianchi's accident with a crane ... by sitegp 

SAO PAULO (putz) - An hour would appear. A fan filmed the rescue car Sutil when Bianchi appears like a rocket and hits the tractor. The scenes are strong.

It seems evident that the tractors for salvage cars are an aberration. Those that in a few years let's say: remember when they put a tractor? Similarly we say today: remember when the F-1 cars had neither seatbelt?

It is. Warnings were given, many. m in 2003, especially in the GP of Brazil . Nearly there was a tragedy in the Curva do Sol.

The FIA ​​should ban these tractors and establish some conditions and very simple procedures.Cranes only. As in Monaco. If in Monaco, which is tight Pacas, they can spread the cranes most critical points of the track, why this can not be done in much broader racetracks, with much more space? Thus, no foreign body on wheels enters the track in case of redemption of cars.

Else. Any foreign body (on wheels or not) that you have to get on track should be accompanied by the safety car. Anyone. In Germany it was ridiculous to take Sutil's car in the arm with the race underway. If you need anyone to leave behind the guardrail for anything, safety car and fuck.

One more. Flags. What was that japinha with green flag while Bianchi sprawled underneath a tractor? And even after beating the little samurai remained there with his green flag. Where is the race director this time?

Indeed, it can be blamed for what happened. The tractor was a long time removing the car Sutil and needed a safety car at the time. For if they hit a site, it is because another can hit too. And where there is potential to beat does not hold a tractor without pilots drastically reduce the speed. And yellow flag is bit. It was for safety car.

Also had the problem of visibility. It was too dark.

In short, go home, Charlie Whiting. This is there in your account. And the account of the arrogance of these people FIA, which is full of punishing pilot, but not one cazzo understand what goes into a race car.

Following ...

- There is a video simulation that shows the dynamics of the accident. Is down there.

- In another video here , telemetry, there are all electronic indications of yellow flags in the stretch, riders passing by, and Bianchi coming and stopping after reaching 203 km / h. It's pretty amazing.

- Bianchi, according to the medical bulletin issued by the FIA, is in critical condition but stable.He was operated on yesterday. Had extremely serious head injuries.

- At most, it may have weeks impactful ads, as Vettel at Ferrari and Alonso at McLaren. But given the dramatic situation of Bianchi, believe that all this will stay after the GP of Russia.

- What about the championship, Hamilton turned the game. Will be the champion.


Original in here:



Flavio Gomes is a journalist/driver/collector, riding Lada#69 on Classic Cup, among other things. 

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Beautiful course in Sochi (as I suspected) without a hint of political unrest leaking into the first race there.

Talk about a contrast of social views when Putin sat with Bernie (but Bernie being the ultimate in ass kissers probably neutralized Putin's love of charging into conflicts).

I'm not surprised to see Hamilton rising to the top at the end of this season. I've always thought he has "the heart of a champion" while Nico is lacking something I've never been able to put my finger on.


Of course, the "double points" at the season finale could throw a monkey wrench into everything that's happened in the preceding races but I certainly hope that doesn't happen. I've suspected that Bernie and NBC cooked up that whacked idea to hold ratings up for the last race.

Thank god they're thinking of axing that for 2015!

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Rumors are placing him in McLaren-Honda, but only if he could get a 1 year compromise, so he could go to Mercedes when Hamilton's contract is over. Otherwise he'd get a sabbatical, which OTOH doesn't seem a great idea. My guts guess is that Mercedes is going to manage pissing Hamilton and he'd leave right this very season back to McLaren. No rational cues to think that. We'll see, Mercedes just assured the constructors title and probably that one of his pilots wins the drivers', so why not making a German driver to win it.

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I'm going way out on a limb here. Fernando keeps saying that he is going to do what is right for him and right for Ferrari. I say he quits driving all together and takes the job of Ferrari team boss. I know my prediction will be very wrong, but I'm throwing it out there anyway.


One way or another we will know soon.

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I'd be in agreement if Fernando was not in as a good driving shape as he (or we believe) is. That'd be an option for in about three to five years. But let's not forget about Kimi after one of his worst seasons. Is he staying in Ferrari? Would it make sense Fernando and Vettel driving for Ferrari?

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Lot's of wild F1 news will be revealed during the Austin telecasts (or maybe not so new if you've kept up with rumors).

Caterham won't be there since they entered "administration" (the factory is closed).

Marussia may also enter administration before the race unless they get bailed out.


Audi to field a team in 2016 with Alonzo as one of the drivers and Red Bull one of the sponsors?



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I put little faith in the Audi blurb. That rumor seems to pop up every year and it always comes to nothing. I don't see them at all interested in the kind of budget F1 requires. Only if they drop DTM and their endurance racers, and they'd still need a huge chunk of change. I doubt VW would be willing to do that.

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Yeah, I usually don't put much stock in the rumors like the Audi/Alonzo stories but they did just hire Stefano Domenicali.


Out of my post, I think that the financial troubles are by far the most important.

While Caterham and Marussia are the most obvious, Sauber, Lotus and Force India are all just holding on by a thread.

The big problem here is sponsor's trust that they are putting their money in a solid, prestigious place that will reflect well on their products.

When there are plenty of sponsors, everybody can "share the load" (although there's usually 1 or 2 primarys).

When a team goes under, it's usually because of problems with a primary sponsor but, all those other smaller guys have to get in line to recoup what they can in the courts.

That makes shareholders worry. Should they just pull out now and live with their losses since F1 is not the ad venue they thought it was?


I think you can see the problem with 2 teams going down in a season.

They will have to alter qualifying as it is.


It's been said that there needs to be at least 16 cars starting a race (I think it's in the contract for sponsors/tracks etc).

If it comes to that, I guess it's written into the teams contracts that they will have to make up the difference and field a 3rd car.

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Exciting race for just about every driver it seemed like.

It's alway cool the big Brazilian fan base whipped up into a frenzy.

It was fun to see Piquet and Lauda kidding around. Talk about contrasting styles. Nikki was alway the nervous OCD guy while Piquet used to fall asleep in his car on the grid.

Also great to see the designers have the new cars catching record lap times.

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Yeah, It could have been more of a fight but my guess is that if Rosberg had challenged, Louis would have been more than happy to let him by and finish 2nd for the championship.


And I agree regarding Williams and Mr. Button. And Alonso has said he'd like Jenson to remain in F1 so it's possible they will be teammates. 


I worry about what is going on regarding finances and the smaller teams. Bernie continues to be an ass thinking they don't need smaller teams or younger fans. That attitude will kill the sport.


And I hope Mr. Vettel is patient, as I can see it being two years before Ferrari have a car for him. If ever. I still say the problem is that the team is once again being run by Italians. Take those deep pockets and throw gobs of money at Ross Brawn and others who can organize your damn team.

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Abu Dhabi was a little anti climatic but it's such a gorgeous venue that I always enjoy the spectacle.

Sometimes I forget how emotional it all is until the championship is won.


The fight between Lewis and Nico this season was so exciting that I find it hard to complain.

And what a fantastic season Williams, Ricciardo and most of the other young-uns had.

I was really holding my breath during the Sochi weekend. A major terrorist attack could have ended the season/F1.

Great to see "some" improvement in Bianchi.

I can't help but think that accident will be in the minds of drivers like Alonzo and Button who have little to prove in racing and will be thinking about the direction of their lives (both of which have a spiritual side and a dream life already).


I'm hoping for one or two other teams to step up to the level Williams was at and maybe Williams to better the Silver Arrows on some of the circuits next season.


My wild ass guess is that Bernie is shitting in the pot before he pulls out of F1.

I think he believes he was thrown under the bus during the recent scandals and he's just getting his pound of flesh.

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Waiting for the winter tests in Antonio's part of the world.

Hoping that McLaren/Honda gets their shit together quickly and have a decent showing during the test dates.


The F1 site has a gallery of Bernie's Xmas cards which I found pretty amusing. I'd loved to have a few!



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I'm hoping Honda has it right out-of-the-box as well Steve. I've been a Ferrari fan forever but I think this year may change that if Alonso has a good car. Ferrari with Vettel may be interesting but if the team struggles I fear he will have another year like 2014. It's my opinion that if Seb doesn't have a top notch car he is not a top notch driver. And with him and Kimi at Ferrari, I don't see a lot of development work taking place. I hope I am wrong, but fear that I'm not.


I hope McLaren and Williams can run with the Merc's in 2015 so we have an exciting season to follow.

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I don't know if it was something I ate but,..


Had an F1 dream last night that Kimi hit Massa and some Ferrari test driver  I didn't know. (they were walking in the paddock) They asked me to drive the car to some out of the way garage while they figured out what to do (as if they could hide what had happened). So, I'm driving this monster on some gravel road blipping the gas constantly to keep it from stalling while trying to make turns that the steering just barely allowed. I was trying to keep it around 25-50mph but if I lost control for even a second or two, the thing would be up over a hundred. I scraped the front wing on a ridge on the edge of the road so pieces of the wing assembly were falling off and I was grabbing them as I passed by.

Even though it was nerve racking, I was totally stoked as I inched the car to and then into the garage.

When the crew rolled the car in and I got out, I went to console Kimi who was stinkin' drunk and crying like a little girl.


Then I woke up. But I remember laying there in my bed and savoring the drive and thinking what a kook that Kimi is!

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