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Western Electric 300B returns


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The last posted price for these on the WE website was $1200. Seems kind of high unless they can sort out the inconsistencies. There are more reliable high quality 300b out there now. By reputation EML, black treasure and Sophia royal princess come to mind. And for more money one can now get takatsuki 300b. WE took WAY too long to reintroduce production and they may have been left behind. Although the cache of the name will never die. And they will be one of, if not the only 300b made in the USA. A tough call. 1200 per pair might be more than I want to spend.

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It's unclear from that article if anything beyond the name of western electric and the location is the same. What makes us think the new tubes will be of similar quality? We have seen others try to duplicate old tubes with varying degrees of success, but mostly not close.

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