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Using 2 Epsilon 27 boards for ALPS quad pot

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I'm thinking about using the 4 gang ALPS pot for my dynahi.  I want to mount it on a pcb but I don't see any available so I thought if I took two epsilon 27 boards I could make one.  The first board would fit the front, the second board looks like it would need the front trimmed off to fit the back section.


The grounds are tied together on those boards so I'm not sure how that comes into play since I've never wired a pot for balanced audio before.  How do you wire a volume pot for balanced audio and do you think this would work?

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It might be easier to just use perf-board if the pin spacing matches up. Otherwise I'd just neatly air wire it and not worry about pcbs.

that's what I was going to do at first.  I'll get the pot first and see if I have anything that fits

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On further reflection I wouldn't recommend using an RK27 for a balanced dynahi. Find something better.

Yeah I know...  I really want a gold point in there but I just want to get sound out of it at this point.  Plus I just blew my wad on a set of SR200's

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