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Went out shopping for stands and ended up with these Hercules stands.  Seem to work really well.  I also got a humidifier for the room as my house was reading around 23% humidity and it seems I need between 40-50%.


Now trying to choose a stool for the guitar room.




I can almost play the intro to Sweet Home Alabama without fucking up at this point.  

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I have a couple of case humidifiers to try and put a Air-O-Swiss humidifier in the room.


I am contemplating picking up a Taylor GS Mini for lessons as I do not have time to go home after work before lessons so I need to take a guitar with me to work.  Has anyone played one of these little guys?  Are they close enough to a full size to be worthwhile?

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Thanks Dusty I might try that.  


I have found that a greatly prefer playing the acoustic to the electric.  The electric has not been out of the case more than twice since I got it and that was only to play Rocksmith.


I went over to JV's last night and saw Anthony Pirog play.  Pretty good and the guy uses more pedals than I have ever seen on a stage.

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Somebody's gotta keep this thread going.


Took off early to check out another shop that I had not visited to look for a smaller / cheaper practice guitar to use for lessons, etc.  Really nice shop and the people were all great. My salesman reminded me very much of Jacob and I figure since Jacob knows his shit, this guy might as well.


Played tons of guitars but came back to my original favorite from when I first started trying out guitars.  I really wanted this one when I got the 160.  I tried a whole lot of Taylors but really did not like them for some reason.  They were all pretty heavy and the 1.75" neck was less comfortable than the 1 11/16 on my two newer Martins.  I also tried two Collings guitars and really liked them but not sure that is where I will end up or not.  


They had it for a really good price so I got a smaller, but not necessarily cheap Martin.  I should probably look into expanding my guitar room.







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i think i may have to get one of these 'golden era' jobbies.  dang it.


the smaller, curvy models tend to have a better balance and are used most often in 'fingerstyle' guitar, (often solo) as opposed to rhythm guitar in a band, where the dreadnought comes in.  i got to the point that i refuse to play with a pick, ever.  nothing sounds better than fingers in my mind.  its been a while though.  few things are as satisfying as running through a chet atkins tune on a guitar.


imo these guitars should be kept in their cases w/ humidifier when not played (have we talked about that in the thread yet?  can't remember)


dang it.  

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Yeah, I am trying various case humidifiers and hygrometers to see what it best. I have found the Planet Waves hygrometer to be very inaccurate but their case humidifiers seem to work better the Planet Waves Humidipak. The Caliber IV that I bought at the cigar shop seems to be fare better than the Planet Waves unit so I need to pick up more of those.

The shop I was at last night has a new D-18GE for $2900, which is the lowest price I have seen for them.

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Really interested in hearing what everyone else here is playing.  The amount of guitars out there to choose from is pretty great and the number of great small builders is very impressive.  Up to this point I have only played Martin, Taylors, Collings, Stonebridge and Wechters.


Really liking both of the Martins.  I am playing the 000-28 more as the 12 strings are a bit more comfortable than the 13s on the D-18.  I like the open geared Waverly Tuners a but more than the Grovers.  Seem to have a bit more solid feel and I think they look great.




Random pic of the D-18



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its been years since I looked at them, but they just aren't 'guitars'.


below is the only steel string i still have, a Martin DR (laminated) i got around high school graduation.

its held up well considering i usually leave it out, haven't changed strings in a million years and general mistreatment.

I think laminated guitars are good for travel.


somewhere along the way I ripped the pickguard off and put a clear one on in its place.







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