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Group Buy - Carbon V7.0


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18 hours ago, sorenb said:

I'd prefere to wait with people paying until we get firm quotes and are ready to make the order.

Shipping depends on your individual preferences. Some wants tracking/sign-off, others don't care and go for regular mail.
1kg for Taiwan using UPS is ~55USD, regular mail is ~15USD.

So far there has been no loss of packages using either service ( ~100 packages in total for the past three group buys).
A few packages was on its way for weeks before showing up using regular mail, but that is about it.

See! Thanks, sorenb.

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10 hours ago, cspirou said:

Just registered my interest for the GRLV boards. This is my first time doing this. Are we suppose to have some sort of established reputation first before participating? Is this only for US shipping or is shipping to Europe okay?

John is right: Shipping WW as long as you pay for your stuff.
You might find it useful to read this 

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Seems like we are all set.
Please make your payment according to the sheet, column J "Price Total" (doesn't include shipping yet). 
Whenever I register your individual payment, it will show up in the sheet as well, column L "Paid".

Paypal: [email protected], please put the alias used in the sheet into the notesfield of the paypal, and add "Carbon V7 Group Buy" as well.

At the time all have paid, I'll do the ordering, and it will probably be about two weeks before we receive the boards and can start distribute.

The Group Buy will NOT order Über unbal2bal nor HV900.

Edited by sorenb
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5 hours ago, eggil said:

paid for 3 Single Skinny Left HV PS,

 Left ones are the ones with the LV PS, correct?

I need the ones with the LV PS, so if ordered the wrong ones please correct it for me



You are correct. LEFT include LV PS (RIGHT include BIAS)

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