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Group Buy - Carbon V7.0


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Another round of Carbon etc. 
state your interest here

When ever there are enough boards for ordering participants will be asked to pay estimated price. Shipping will be added whenever the cost is known.

Boards from PCBNet. Distribution via @mwl168 in US/Canada, and from Denmark, Europe for the remainder.


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11 hours ago, johnwmclean said:

Any chance of psu fat boards?

sure, if that is what ever people wants. The functionality is the same as Skinny's, only the dimension is different. FAT doesn't fit 2U upright, whereas Skinny does.

6 hours ago, palchiu said:

Single Skinny PS is this version?  ->  kgsshvpssicfetsinglenewleft.zip

Yes, both LEFT and RIGHT is in the GB. You only reference the LEFT

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1 minute ago, Peleus said:

Thanks sorenb, I need four Carbon PCB.

May I pay by PayPal?

when ever we get to that point, yes you can use Paypal.
As for your order, putting it in the sheet is adequate.
For now we are probing interest, the drill is like:

Probe interest, people state their orders in the sheet
getting quotes
people confirm their order by paying using Paypal
the order is placed
When I and @mwl168 get the boards we ship to the participants and add shipping cost (mwl168 ships US/Canada, I do outside gods own country to keep shipping low)
after some weeks boards are in various hands


12 hours ago, johnwmclean said:

Just throwing this out there. I like the split GRLV boards. They make layout design choses more versatile. You can put them together for virtually the same footprint as a full size dual board. The only consideration is that the transformer secondaries cannot be CT.

Fair point and hereby changed. The golden Reference Low Voltage will be the split board version (the number in that column will comprise a set (left + right).

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3 hours ago, Peleus said:

Thanks, sorenb.

So, may I pay now? How much is the shipment fee?

I live in Taiwan, and what shipment you will use? UPS? DHL? or something else?

I'd prefere to wait with people paying until we get firm quotes and are ready to make the order.

Shipping depends on your individual preferences. Some wants tracking/sign-off, others don't care and go for regular mail.
1kg for Taiwan using UPS is ~55USD, regular mail is ~15USD.

So far there has been no loss of packages using either service ( ~100 packages in total for the past three group buys).
A few packages was on its way for weeks before showing up using regular mail, but that is about it.

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51 minutes ago, kevin gilmore said:

mwl168 wanted a amp board with the ground plane, i have posted 2, the second one looks better.

no other changes, all the parts in the same place, same size,same number of holes etc.

second version routes the servo around the top.

Interesting, I was discussing this subject yesterday. Does a Ground Plain (in theory) result in a better PCB in this application?

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36 minutes ago, astrostar59 said:

Interesting, I was discussing this subject yesterday. Does a Ground Plain (in theory) result in a better PCB in this application?

I'd say it will result in postponed ETA rather. Don't think applying the PCBs will improve anything though.

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