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Mini Group Buy - Blue Hawaii PCB


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Here is a list of the participants and the number of sets (2 boards per set). Please correct me if I missed something. The * indicates that the participant has PayPal'ed me the cost for the boards.  

jose* 2 

Kevin Gilmore 1

gwrskien* 2

PICaudio* 3

Sr Marques* 2

gepardcv* 2

MLA* 1

chinsettawaong* 1

chiguy* 1

MattN* 1

headinclouds 1

livewire 1

Inu* 1

GB will close after today. Tomorrow I will contact PCBnet to place order.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Just returned home  a few hours ago from an unexpected, overseas trip. 

The boards have arrived. They look great and have a heavy, solid kind of feel to it. Since we ended up ordering more than 15 pairs the cost did come down a little which I will reflect in the shipping cost. 

Will sort things out in the next day or two and start sending the boards out. The rotten part is I leave again for a business trip in a few days so may not get around to ship all boards out before I leave. Apologize ahead for the delay.

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Each set of boards dropped $2 US due to the larger number of boards ordered than originally planned. This amount will be deducted from the shipping cost to you.

All Europe-bound boards were sent to MLA this morning for distribution to the individual GB participants. 

All US-bound boards were sent via USPS Priority Mail this morning as well. USPS raised the postage on Jan. 22 this year, it's now $7.20.  The US GB participants please PayPal Gift me $5.20 to cover the shipping charge. For gepardcv it's $3.2.

For those that did not use PayPal Gift please add extra to cover the PayPal fees.

Thanks all for your patience.  

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4 hours ago, livewire said:

Boards received today, they look great! Thanks mwl168!

Can anyone point me to a thread that discusses these boards? (tips, BOMs, results)

I know nothing about the KGBH BJT version. Haven't had any luck searching for it.

These boards are relatively new from Kevin. I don't think there is much discussion yet here in this forum. I plan to start a build thread and post a BOM. But will need to wait till I return home from my business trip. 

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Indeed :)

Coincidentally, I walked by a 450+ BHP Volvo S60 Polestar this morning when going to a meeting at work; I briefly considered "borrowing" it and just make a run for the border with gwrskien's boards.

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You should have gone for it!! I`m going down to Gothenburg Volvo Plant in a couple of monts to machine on the presses that press whole sides of the cars...We did the same thing last summer, i would have tried to explain why you just had to "borrow" the car... :D

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2 minutes ago, jose said:

Ahhh Gothenburg is a nice place, but volvo plant is beautiful... if you like cars fo course. 

I have good memories of Sweden. :wub:

oh boy, a crazy second pilot and Pripps and Sürstrømning  aficionado .... don't say you like Abba and Carola as well :-S

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I like Abba :unsure: and Saab´s cabrios but to me what I like with madness are the Kanelbullar.... ohhh God!! it freshly made and warm with a good coffee. :ian:

Oh sorry I forget that Pripps is a good beer.... but here we have good beer to. :dan:

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Interesting. Always was a Tuborg fan; guess the exotic stuff from other countries taste better :). Also, In Sweden, beer commercials were not allowed when I was that youngster age, so the only promotion available was from Tuborg.

- Du Perikles - ka' Du sige mig - hvornår smager en Tuborg bedst?

- Hvergang!

Guess that had an influence...


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