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Is this a good deal?

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On 1/4/2018 at 5:42 PM, n_maher said:


Why clone?  Is there software that you want to transfer but don't have install files for or something?  Otherwise, I think it's always best to start with a fresh install of the OS.

All the instructions I found specified cloning, so I didn't think of a fresh install.  I see the advantage of a fresh install.  The advantage of cloning is that it's simpler than a fresh install, just 1 step instead of 3 or more (back up user files, do install, restore user files) for a fresh install.

Since I have no experience at either of these, I'll explore the fresh install route.  So far I have the SSD initialized and formatted.  Now I can worry about putting the files on it.


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Macrium Reflect has worked well for me in the work situations where cloning was needed.


I prefer to do a clean/fresh install as well, but dread the time and work needed to get everything reinstalled and configured. I've been putting off upgrading my primary 120GB SSD to a 500GB I've already purchased for months now. -_-

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