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goldenreference high voltage power supply (GRHV)


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14 hours ago, BadgerMcBadger said:

is 550 pulsed 475 continuous VDC  good enough for the big caps on the grhv?

This depends on what DC output voltage you are building for which depends on the input AC voltage to the GRHV which depends on the AC rms output of the transformer you are using...

for example if you are building for 400V DC output to power for example a blue hawaii then you need about 360VAC rms input to the golden reference. (360VAC rms is about 509 peak when full wave rectified by the diode bridge before the input cap (DC voltage * square root of 2) which is enough for the internal voltage drops inside the GRHV and gives you some margin so the GRHV can actually regulate). Mains voltage typically varies by about +-10% so that is factored in to. But if you mains voltage is high then the input filter cap will see additional voltage so 550 rated cap should be fine for 400VDC output... If you are going for 450VDC output (about the maximum a GRHV can do) then your cap is going to be marginal and a 600V rated cap would be better....

The output cap should only see the output DC voltage, so if your GRHV is outputting 400V DC a 450VDC or 500VDC rated output cap should be fine.

Dont forget many high voltage caps especially the 680uF are 80mm tall and so too talk to fit into a 2U case.... Kemet make some nice high voltage caps with life time ratings of around 15000 hours. 

https://www.mouser.co.uk/c/passive-components/capacitors/aluminum-electrolytic-capacitors/?q=kemet 550V&life=10000 Hour~~20000 Hour&voltage rating dc=550 VDC&rp=passive-components%2Fcapacitors%2Faluminum-electrolytic-capacitors|~Life






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