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goldenreference high voltage power supply (GRHV)


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3 hours ago, audiostar said:

I am using the C3M0350120D as a replacement part for the C2M1000170D in the GRHV in my CFA Electrostatic without any issues. But this part seems to be unavailable now as well. Remarkable how one needs to wait a year for parts now.

May be in power it is ok, but I'am looking for Carbon. As kevin gilmore said - only original parts:


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Any recommendation for connecting LED for power on/off indication to a GRHV-only based CFAE amp?

A possibility would be to connect a 3V LED to 230V AC through a 1N4007 and a 56k resistor. I don't like using those power switches with integrated lights. 

Any other or better ideas? The CFAE only has a GRHV and 230v mains, unfortunately no LV.

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On 10/18/2021 at 11:36 AM, johnwmclean said:

FWIW the C3M0350120D did not work out in a recent GRHV/Carbon I had all sorts of funky behaviour.

John, thanks for reporting! Did you used it in the amp section as well or only in the GRHV? I have the feeling that the GRHV alone could be happy with it, but probably not the Carbon.

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I used the C3M0350120D in both the Carbon and GRHV.

On the bench I tested the amp boards separately and they worked fine along with the GRHV.
In the final build with 2 amp boards connected there was oscillation which caused all sorts of odd voltages, namely 400V over the outputs and a GRHV + rail that read 8V. Funnily enough I could get the amp working with the capacitive load of a dvm killing the oscillation when probing over the GRHV outputs and I had music.

I replaced everything back to C2M1000170D and all was stable. To be honest I haven’t done enough testing to know whether the GRHV with the C3M0350120D would be ok in the field or not. But hopefully you can gain some insight from my experience with it.

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