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The past few weeks my limited TV watching time has been entirely consumed by either Hardball (only show I watch during the week) and DEADWOOD (only show I've watched the past few weekends). I've been Netflixing the Deadwood DVDs, and this has got to be one of the greatest shows ever. It is definitely the most brutally violent show I've ever seen. Fucking bad ass all hell. It has me cussing a LOT too.

I just started season two. I have to work until noon today, but after that I might say fuck mowin the lawn, and kick back with a bag of kettle corn and a stack of deadwood dvds. :)

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fuck, thanks postjack! i need to get deadwood! since i'm caught up with Nip/Tuck and recently finished Angel and Rome, i was wondering what i was going to watch next. Deadwood! yeah!

two episodes and you will be totally fucking hooked, and cussing like a sailor. Al Swearagen is such a fantastic character, he could carry the whole show on his back. But luckily every single character, down to the extras with one or two lines, are just dripping with personality and presence.

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Pinky & The Brain, about halfway through the season 3 dvds.

Man, what an amazingly hilarious show. My favorite plan is when Brain obtains the only remaining LP of Rush Limbaugh's failed singing career (because he sat on the other 7 copies) and tries to broadcast it across the world to drive everyone insane and take over amidst the chaos. But the location for the antenna has to be right in the backyard of the house where The Real World is filmed.

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I really enjoyed both, and I think it's kind of a shame they came out so close to one another. I think it hurt both of their chances at being really successful. "Oh yeah, another 'magic' movie." While "The Prestige" was obviously more ambitious, there's definitely an understated charm to "The Illusionist."

I also thought David Bowie was great in "The Prestige." I didn't even realize it was him the first time I watched it.

And if you're talking about Biel & Johansson, don't forget Piper Perabo in "The Prestige!" Mmmmmm, Piper...

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what is the premise of the show? are they kids?

Yeah it's Bush and his gang (Cheney, Rice, etc) with Gore, Kerry, Hillary Clinton, etc making appearances. They're in elementary school and it's basically the writers taking jabs at Bush/Republican party, etc.

Here's a segment from last weeks episode:


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