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nochnoy dozor

or night watch.... from Russia with love.... for blood that is....best CGI from that area. Puts Underworld to shame IMO. OK story-line, entertaining.


I'm currently reading the books (on the last one) -- highly recommended if you're into dark fantasy at all. Some of the best reading I've had in a while. You're welcome to borrow my copies if you can get them back to me by September (I want to lend them to my sister when she's here)...or you're welcome to borrow them after. She's a quick reader (and voracious, so she'll probably be done with them by October).
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just keep in mind that it's a very in depth filmography, and might be a little dry if you aren't into formal film study.

I see, it should still be interesting. Though it looks like the book is OOP. I might be able to get it from the library when I move.

Tonight I'll start watching the Metal Gear Solid Saga Volume 1 DVD, since I finally found a copy for cheap. Very excited for MGS4, with the two new videos just released.


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Nothing beats the orignial Matrix.

Oh of course. I thought the two other movies were pretty bad.

But I haven't seen Reloaded or Revolutions since their theater release, and watching it the second time definitely answered a lot of questions (the conversation with the architect mainly).

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