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What are you smoking right now?

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Finally got a new humidor that I can use to transport today’s selections out to the patio.     Today’s choice 

Ramon Allones Specially Selected  

I'm surprised someone hasn't posted about lighting up the bong tonight. This would be the day for it.   Pardon me if the bong is not still in fashion. I haven't kept up with these things. 

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I think I am getting to the same point. I can have two shots of espresso and go right to bed. After this cigar it took me a good 3 hours to finally sleep.

They are petty good. I really like a number of the smaller cigars and I find that the higher wrapper to fill ratio is nice, though I mentioned this to some asshole cigar douche in London who tried to argue that this wasn't a factor at all.

I find I also like my cigars a bit dryer that might be achievable in this climate as towards the end (especially the larger diameter) get all soggy and soft. The dryer seems to impart a certain spiciness I like.

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Just putting them in a humidor for a while would probably do it.

Sorry that was vague. The tobacco is pipe tobacco. I have nevertheless tried that. I am not sure that moisture content of tinned tobacco can be maintained by a 70% humidor? I guess we will see but currently it's still really dry. I pulled some out and put it in a zip lock with a wetted paper towel and after a day it was decent. I squeezed a tiny bit of water into the mix and rolled it around and then left it in open air an it smoked really well...

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