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Woodworkers of Head Case unite!


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I think I have mentioned that my brother saved the redwood siding from the mid-century ranch-style house they took down to build their new house. I have been ripping it into various widths and planing a portion of it into interior paneling for my sister in law's tack rooms. 

It has been a hassle using a Jet bench top planer that the contractor bought because the smaller Dewalt he borrowed for me was inadequate. The samples I planed in my shop flew through the Hammer and came out beautifully. With the Jet, I'm pushing and pulling and frequently having to flip the stupid switch between two speeds that trips to neutral regularly. The other pain has been the two-sided "helical" blades because the stock ones were practically pot metal and lasted only a couple of hours per side even though redwood is quite soft. We got some Jet carbide replacements that are much better, although I think I have already chipped 5-6 of them and not on nails as far as I can tell. 

Still, from green or white or gray painted 70-80 year old boards are looking good and will make for beautiful if rustic paneling. I took the pics of finished boards before I was done yesterday. After adding up the boards in various lengths and in widths from 4" to 11", I realized that I have planed over 1000 linear feet of boards. 





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6 hours ago, VPI said:

Makita tool has been there for 6 years. Reel is the new thing as I ponder what kind of wild air compressor I need to blow dust off of wood after sanding and CNC’ing. 

Look into California Air for the compressor. They’re very quiet. 

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5 hours ago, Kerry said:

Look into California Air for the compressor. They’re very quiet. 

They are on the list. Seeing a lot of reviews of the Kobalt quiet compressor as well, which comes with a longer warranty, but may not be built as well to begin with. 

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1 hour ago, VPI said:

Looks like you can add the auto drain to any of them but trying to determine if the air dryer is worthwhile or just do an aftermarket system.

I have a Harbor Freight refrigerant air dryer that I got on a half off sale. Reviews were as good or better than more expensive units. I’ve had it running for over a year now with no issue. 

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Soooo, ended up ignoring all of Steve’s advice and got the 10 gallon California Air Tools without the automatic drain valve. 

They only make the Aluminum tank up to 10 gallons and I decided I would live with the tiny tank as I wanted Aluminum and saw some reviews that showed even with continuous blow gun use the tank never really drops below 60psi. Good enough. 

Also read about the auto drain and saw it only works when the compressor is running so with the amount of use I would have, I would almost never be running it enough daily to start the auto thingee so would need to drain after each use anyway. Maybe I am reading it wrong but everything I saw said it only works for heavy users. 


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On 11/13/2021 at 2:20 PM, Voltron said:

I made lumber! The tree cutter who took down my brother's trees gave me some small Black Acacia logs and I just tried cutting 5/4 slabs out of it. I think I may have discovered the Temple of Gozer the Gozerian in the middle of the log. 😱



I waited a year for this stuff to dry -- apparently almost to the day -- and then jointed and planed it. Looks kinda similar. But now it's flat and smooth.


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