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Woodworkers of Head Case unite!


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If you want to try HF, I have not had any issues with the Bremen parallel clamps from them. They are around $35 I think  

You can also watch for the Lowe’s sale for the 24” cabinet masters for $28 which I think is a steal as they are quite good. 


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Trying to decide if I go all walnut for the bottom ship lap shelf or incorporate the Jatoba, maple and walnut from the top. 
Also got the final glue-ups of the top done so now only one more time wrestling them through the planer. 



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I see what you are saying. 

My more pressing problem now is figuring out how to trim both tops to the same length. The shitty gravity stand for the Bosch will not support the tops for a straight cut so I either have to do it with the track saw and make cuts from both sides or build a temporary saw horse set up to support the tops while the shitty mitre saw cuts the ends. 

Alternatively, trying to track down someone local with a real mitre saw station. 

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