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Woodworkers of Head Case unite!


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1 hour ago, VPI said:

Applied a first coat of Tried and True on the base (ash). Kind of wish I had treated the Ash with a water based finish, as it went from looking okay to looking Home Depot lumber real quick with the yellow tint.

Next time you want to preserve the lightness of light colored wood, try a soap finish.


Also, the T&T danish oil won't end up sticky even without buffing. But it would have to be the base coat.

With the original finish you really need to rub off as much as possible and then let it cure in a warm environment for a while. They say 24 hours but I'd give it a week or two.

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While I was tempted to leave the top unfinished as I liked the look, I decided that this will be primarily a poorly devised assembly table and not really a hand tool bench so protection for finishes and glue took precedent. Therefore, I rubbed the bright yellow snot all over the top also because from what I have read it will give better protection than the Danish Oil. 






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4 minutes ago, VPI said:

Where is your Tormek?

Also, Rob’s big thing is 30 seconds to sharp so if it takes you a week you must be watching the wrong videos. 

Tormeks are expensive, I just got $3k worth of Japanese wet stones. 

30 seconds*

*After they have been painstakingly honed and polished. 

These actually come mirror polished out of the box, don’t see it taking that long to sharpen and make less sharp than factory. 

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I once fell off of a chair and my hand came down on a stagnant chain saw that was setting on the floor. It made a 1/2" cut in my hand, not too deep. It did however leave a small but noticeable scar. 

When showing that scar, I refer to it as my "chainsaw accident".

You can now show your scar and refer to it as your "shaving accident".

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