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New Emoticon? Go Tyll!!! :D


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That's very disturbing. I think I vomitted a little in my mouth.


I was just saying it's kind of disturbing seeling a man dressed like that and in that position.

Well then, you sure as hell don't want to see this:


Anybody got any eye bleach?

(same shoot, different costume; got some buck nekkid too, but I don;t think anyone is EVAR going to see those in digital form---that would be FAR too dangerous.)

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Wow, just wow.

I missed this thread the first time. After seeing the first image, I am impressed. Tyll is hardcore. After seeing the second second image, I'm uh...


I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon trying to un-see that/forwarding it to as many audio snobs as I know.

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