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Anyone catching new series Breaking Bad?

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I got caught up with the second season of "Better Call Saul" over the weekend. I really like it. Is it a better show than Breaking Bad? The fact that I can even consider the question is indicativ

I missed it. Hopefully I'll catch the rerun or they'll post it on Hulu soon. edit: looks like they're hosting it at AMC

I read this BB finale speculation on another forum and it made me laugh:   Usual Suspects ending with Walt Jr. revealing (as he walks away without crutches or any sign of a limp) that the entire ser

Great to have this back on, though bittersweet in the fact that it is ending. Story line would not support more than this (not sure it supported it this far to be fair). Good 1st episode though!


Anyone catch the new series following it? Low Winter Sun? Didn't watch the whole thing, but looks promising! My wife is beginning to hate me... everything I like is "very dark" :rofl:

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Is the pacing what bothered you? I liked it, mostly because...

(not really a spoiler) you get a continuing encompassing look at the seeds they've sowed and what keeps them in. Also if twitchy Lydia was a wonderful wildcard, dead-eyed Todd has blossomed into wildcard dynamite.

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You meant to say Todd, that Opie, dead-eyed piece of shit.  Yeah, he is a wildcard and scary and I actually thought Uncle Jack might kill him in that episode, but Todd's greed and desire for Lydia saved him.  


The storyline is great and I felt like this was the necessary setup -- putting everybody in their places (or out of the mix like Saul) for the final showdown -- but it wasn't as compelling or intense as last week.  Also, I am sentimental and have my own issues, but I wished that Junior hadn't wished his dad dead.  The last ep should be amazing and wild.


Can't wait.

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