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Anyone catching new series Breaking Bad?


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Don't know if this is considered a spoiler (can never figure that out), but at a ComicCon panel with Vince Gilligan he let slip (and since repeated on Twitter)...

@BreakingBad_AMC: "you're going to be reading more German than Spanish subtitles this season."




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I finally got around to watching the second episode. I have a few questions if someone wouldn't mind clarifying things for me without giving away stuff from the rest of this season.

- how is Walt broke?

- the car wash cost $1 million I believe... and I remember a scene where he is hauling in a pallet of money and Skylar says something like this is more money than she can launder.. where did all this money go?

-why does he owe Jesse $40k?

as I understand a decent chunk would have went to Frank's rehab/physician bills, the car wash cost.... where is the rest...

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Skylar gave money to Beneke to pay off the IRS.

Walt owes Jessie money for buying the junkyard magnet from Joe (that they used in the police station)

"Hank", not "Frank".

I think the car wash was $800,000.

Skylar can't launder all the money in a car wash, so she does not keep it all at the car wash. Can't say more than that without giving anything away.

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I read this BB finale speculation on another forum and it made me laugh:


Usual Suspects ending with Walt Jr. revealing (as he walks away without crutches or any sign of a limp) that the entire series was his elaborate manipulation of his parents to get them ridiculously rich and then off each other so he can safely inherit it.

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LOL that's pretty good. I think I would like that better than the Lost ending.


Anyone think Skyler planted Gail's book on the toilet to get Walt out of her/her childrens' lives so he'd have to buy his new identity which he clearly did in the opening scene? I wonder what all the guns were for in the trunk.

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