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Best way to do dual OS on MAC

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Boot camp works fine as long as you don't mind having to boot into either OS exclusively. If you primarily work in OS X and just want to run the occasional Windows app, then go for Parallels or Fusion. Both work very well. Fusion offers a 30-day free trial, which is nice.

I'm confused, what do you mean by booting into either OS exclusively? I thought that once the partition was installed that in order to select the alternate OS all I had to do was boot and hold the option key? At least that's the way the Boot Camp install instructions read. And this would be one of those things were I'd use OS X 99% of the time, Windows 1%.

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No way in hell im selling my PS3. One day it will make a great plaything again. That day is likely about 6 years from now, but it will be awesome. PS3 is like wine and the rotting corpses in Rek's basement: only get better with time.

You and Nenso going to get together to play Final Fantasy XIVMXI? :prettyprincess:

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