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2009 NCAA Tourney


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I'm watching the high quality stream online (all the streaming is via silverlight) and I'm extremely impressed with the quality. It's probably the best quality stream I've ever seen.

Now I just have to keep an eye out for some good games ;D

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Right now, Memphis vs. CSU Northridge. Memphis is struggling and only has a 4 point lead at the half.

That's mostly due to the foul trouble though, three Memphis starters had 2 fouls and missed at least 10min of the first half.

LSU v Butler is getting good as well, Butler is only down 1 now after making a short run.

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This looks to be our best shot to repeat the 2004 performance. The women are a shoe-in and the men have a great shot, until we lose Thabeet. He just changes the game in the paint.

Too bad the students aren't as fun as when it happened in '04. I was a freshman, and it was utter insanity on campus.

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I don't think that UConn has much of a chance to go all the way. Losing Jerome Dyson is the reason. Guard play is key in the tournament and not having one's starting point guard pretty much kills a team's chances.

Dyson's been out most of the season, and they still hung with the best. With Dyson, there is no doubt we'd have a great chance, but I don't think its time to wave the flag. Price is still damn good at the job.

However, there is a major hole left, and that surely was demonstrated both Pitt games. Nobody could hang with Young, but Dyson would likely have filled the spot.

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Looks like I'll be 6 out of 7 for the first 7 games today. My final four is Louisville, Memphis, UNC, and Nova. Kinda wishing I hadn't ran with Memphis now, that first game was disheartening. Hopefully they can pick it up next round.

We'll see what happens... :)

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