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2-Channel System for Under $1k

The Monkey

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Marantz DV4003 Progressive Scan DVD Player Black, In Stock at OneCall.com

Marantz DV4003 DVD player. 299$ list, 69.99$ + 12$ shipping from an authorized dealer.


Marantz DV4001 DVD player. 298$ list, 119.99$ + 12$ shipping from an authorized dealer.

Marantz has a 3 year warranty and onecall.com is an authorized dealer. FWIW, I think the 4001 looks better, but that's a 50$ judgment call.

I bought the 4003 recently but had a bit of trouble with it loading discs for about a month. Now it's perfect (after I called Marantz about warranty repair). Otherwise, Denon 2900s are going for ~125$ or less on craigslist. But an 80$ initial outlay for source opens up a LOT in the way of speakers. Just a thought.


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Are you offering this advice to my friend who doesn't have a computer as source or a DAC?

hmm good call,

even though I read the OP I spaced out and thought it was you we were talking about..

...I like the idea of choosing units that I have heard before and have a personal connection with.

Otherwise I feel lost in the sea of other people's experiences/misinformation.

And the seaweed always seems greener on the other side of the sea, harr harr/

For some reason I find it easier to hear people out about their thoughts on higher priced units.

Maybe it's because in lower price ranges, there will likely be many compromises that must be made.

For example, you could always go for something semi-standard, like NAD (the integrated amps, not your link), and yet there's still no guarantee that he'll be 110% stoked with its sound, and therefore in my opinion, not even close to satisfied.

Call me old fashioned, but even with I think there is something to be said for sentimentality and its effect on our enjoyment and pride of ownership.

I found some sweet 80's Akais that have 15' woofers, two 1' tweeters, one 2' midrange and adjustable crossovers for $60 in a second hand store. And I would way rather have those than that dinky NAD/PSB unit.

Got any local second-hand audio stores?

If you're going to buy blind you may as well rock out some seriously random shit.

(my math being as follows: )

a minus negative b = positive cee that dope as rig I bought for hella cheEep

talk about pride of ownership.

If at possible, I would find a cd player that he really likes and then go from there and audition the rest of the units in a store.

Unless he has his mind set on a power amp/speakers already.

I say find the cd player/source first because it comes first and effectxx all that cometh afterrr.

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  • 4 months later...

For two different people, I am looking to recommend compact non-audiophile 2-channel systems, one under $1K and one over. Any new thinking on the under?

Any ideas for the over? I'm thinking of recommending the Arcam Solo/Solo Mini with some Harbeths or something like that for the over. He can afford good stuff but he wants something compact for a place in Manhattan. Are there other CD/Integrated/DAC kind of products people can recommend? I don't think computer audio is likely, but iPod connection is likely. Anybody ever heard Sonics speakers by Joachim Gerhard? Those are being recommended to him.


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I've checked out the Naim Uniti a couple times now and I want one bad even though I have no real reason to get one. I may sell the Arcam Solo Mini or give it to my sister and buy a Uniti for Mayberry. It is amazingly versatile, and sounds very nice. It has a CDP, FM/DAB tuners, 500+ internet radio stations programmed in, it can play music streamed from a computer or just pull it off any hard drive attached to a network. No more need for a Squeezebox. If you buy the Naim iPod dock it will control the iPod and display the information on the Uniti. Pretty frickin sweet.

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OK, a new question for the group regarding speakers for this receommended system. Decent sized room, but not huge. Local dealer really likes the Dynaudio Excites or the Triangle Comete (for bookshelf use especially because Comete is front ported). The NYC dealer is recommending Dynaudio Focus 140, Dynaudio Contour S1.4, B&W CM5, B&W 805S, and Linn Majik 109. I like the Cometes, the B&W 805S. I don't know the Dynaudio or Linn options at all, and I don't like the CM5 so I am saying no go on that one at least. Anybody have experience with any of these speakers? He is buying the Naim Uniti and Naim phono stage. Thanks.

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I personally love my Dynaudios, but one thing that separates it even from other Dynaudio speakers is its complement of the Esotar II tweeters, I don't think anything Excite or Focus has those. So I agree with eschewing the Dynaudios.

I've heard nothing but good about Triangles, even entry level, so would recommend giving those a listen.

My feeling on B&W's is that they're the Sennheisers of the speaker world -- many people have heard them, they have some really good models and really mediocre ones, and they're not for everyone. I don't have any Sennheisers. :) Er...that I can find (got the HD250-II's somewhere).

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The range he is looking at is 1500 - 2800, and I am sure he could go a little higher if it is worthwhile. The problem is he wants the to be available from the same dealer as the Naim, Innovative Audio Video on 58th.

Al, is that budget for the speakers or the whole rig? I know I'm a broken records, but Harbeths man.

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Were your friend willing to purchase where required, I'd advice him the Merlin TSM, new or used. They're closed, easier to drive than most Dynaudios and B&Ws. Soundwise they have one of the best mid-bass responses I've heard on dynamic 2 way monitors. But if that's not an option, I wouldn't get any Dynaudio below the Confidence C1. Most others, even the S25 Anniversary have too much mid-bass response, which in a mid sized room would be quite troublesome to handle. I would advice him to try at home before committing to purchase them. If that's advisable with any speaker, I think that's more important with Dyns and B&W.

I have listened to a couple of Triangle. Quite easy to drive, kind of "correct" but a bit in the bright side of things for my taste. I prefer Spendors, Harbeths, Merlins and even some Focals.

No experience with Linn speakers at all :(

Regarding B&W I agree with Dusty, they are the best selling speaker manufacturer for a reason. However I haven't really dug any of their speakers, from the almighty 800D to their affordable home cinema series. They are hard to drive, more for their impedance swings than for sensitivity. He'd need a competent 2Ohm compatible amp to drive them well. The 805 are very decent, I could probably live with them, but again, he'd better try them at his place before closing the deal.

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Thanks for the responses. This guy wants an easy, one-stop solution so I am not sure that I can get him to search elsewhere. The shop has a few options but I really think that the B&W 805S, which he can get on a deal because discontinued in favor of the much pricier 805D, is his best bet there. I just don't know those other options.

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He can do much worse than the 805S. The signatures were the model I liked best out of the 805 series (not that I could pay much listening to the 805D though). With a smooth "tube like" (in the traditional sense) amp they sound enticing enough for me. I don't know how they'd perform with the amps he's considering. With the LFD Mistral (now discontinued) I found them enjoyable, but I'm afraid that brand isn't easily available in the US.

Have heard other B&W speakers with Arcam amps and the pairing is rather good.

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