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Wanna see how headphones are made ?

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Thanks for the YouTube link, Whale. It's always good to see more Team Animal Avatars around.

The assembly process seems simple, broken down into the steps. I expected the mix of automation and hand-built, but I'm surprised by how few people are needed. With their neat tools, the tasks don't seem very difficult at all, I think even I (who's never even touched a soldering iron) could do the soldering of the wires!

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I might just be daft but does Varimotion just mean the diaphragm is thicker in the middle and thinner on the outsides?

I think it's that along with where the voice coil attaches to the diaphragm. It voice coil is glued about halfway between the centre and outside of the diaphragm, and with the way it's shaped it looks like the centre part would move more than the edges.

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So if I understand correctly, it's a way of centering the force of the movement caused by the voice coil, instead of conventional designs which push the diaphragm at the edges? Which I guess means the diaphragm doesn't need to be as stiff anymore, and the edges don't need to be as thick?

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