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  1. That Muses project looks really neat. But yeah, availability of the chips is quite bad, and it will almost certainly preclude it as a pre-Xmas project. Will definitely keep an eye on it for new builds though, so thanks! I'm sure the Kevin/Kerry option is probably the best, but making my own boards is the difference between a weekend soldering/wiring project, and learning an entire new skill. Unfortunately, I think my brain is full.
  2. So I'm curious what the current SOTA is with respect to non-potentiometer volume control for a balanced DIY amp. Context: I'm working through an repair/refine/replace blitz of all my DIY gear. My Exstata - which if you can believe it is still kicking after 10+ years - has one of the dual PGA2320 volume controls that Marc developed way back then. It works great, and was incredible $$$ value, but it seems ripe picking for a small update project. I see the TPA Joshua Tree is still kicking, still dead easy to implement, still has limitations of variable input impedance and always-on relays. AMB's δ1 uses latching relays and has constant impedance, but having to do a full Arduino control board build seems a but nutty for just an attenuator. And Kevin was busy a few years back with something that seemed technically excellent, but getting PCB's and programming done is probably way beyond my skillset and the time I am willing to invest. Thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Both links are viewable. Not found is the skill for me to do anything with it.
  4. Awesome! Like @Kerry I'd love to hear your thoughts. I have a ThinkPad X1 Yoga and work/home docking stations, and find it is just about perfect for mixed desktop/portable/tablet usage. The Studio's fold down screen seems like it would be even better than the fold-back Yoga.
  5. Doug might have been confused about the 'muted' part, I certainly was. Is that a reference to the sound signature?
  6. No, no, I assure you that it is perfect in every conceivable way. The sound, the design, the way it makes my bowel movements smell like fresh cinnamon rolls.
  7. Some people are panic dancers, but thankfully I'm a panic freezer.
  8. Ha! My car experience is a little different; one dropped into my lap at highway speeds, when I dropped my sun visor.
  9. The fun part about Australia is that the poisonous critters aren't even the most scary. The huntsman spider is a huge but generally chill dude/dame that will normally just eat other crawling bugs. But if you surprise or deliberately annoy that thing, the fucker will chase you across the room and out of the house. It won't kill you with venom, but that bite hurts. And the way they hide..... You don't want to know the places I've found huntsman spiders. The classic example is 'clock spider'.....
  10. Thanks for the kind words and smileys. I think my favorite graffiti says it well.....
  11. I still have a copy of your M3 BOM on my computer. This all would have been much harder without your efforts, so thanks for everything you've done over the years!
  12. I'd forgotten this thread was here..... My dad died over the weekend. Sudden exacerbation of a progressive lung disease. I wasn't able to get there because of travel restrictions (fuck you, COVID), but thankfully he was able to be off the ventilator for about a minute to talk to me. The saddest part is.... I went through all my photos to provide them for his memorial that I won't be able to go to (fuck you COVID), and there are only about 5 photos of him with my daughter. We only visited home once when she was 7 months old. My parents were supposed to visit me over here to see her again in mid-2020, but had to cancel when COVID hit (fuck you, COVID). In the context of this forum, my DIY equipment holds a little more meaning now. He didn't teach me much about being a man, but he did teach me how to solder.
  13. Thanks! One thing I forgot to mention... what I think is so good about this signal chain - on a philosophical level at least, with no technical data to back it up - is the incredible simplicity of it. Vref -> R-2R ladder -> connectors/cables -> volume pot -> OPAMP -> MOSFET -> headphones The nature of the discrete R-2R DAC, being able to tap the R-2R ladder directly, combined with the minimalistic design of the M3, means there is just so little in the signal path. Fully DC-coupled start to finish, with a single active device providing gain, directly pushing a single output device.
  14. I have finally completed my "return to the hobby" stack, by finishing up a recasing and upgrade of my 13-year-old M3. The design itself is 16 years old now, and it still has the same compromises from way back then..... but with a modern OPAMP, easy to drive phones and reasonable execution, I still think it sounds bloody marvellous. Highlights are a HiFi2000 galaxy case, FPE panels, ADA4627-1B OPAMPs, TKD 2CP2511 pot, 2" sinks and 110 mA output stage bias, complete electrolytic re-cap with Panasonic FR and Nichicon UHE, S11 at 27V, magnetically shielded SumR transformer (30VA, 12+12V), Cree zero-rec Schottky diodes, and a deliciously gaudy volume knob (so shiny, I had to edit out and hide my own reflection!). Sitting between the R-2R DAC and Focal Clear as my office rig, I'm a very happy camper.
  15. Finished up a Soekris dam1021 build. This is the new rev7 board with a lot of improvements trickling down from the flagship dac2541. HiFi2000 case, FPE panels, JLSounds I2SoverUSB v.III input, LT3045-based power supplies, direct R-2R output intended for my headphone amp, and buffered output for my powered desk speakers. My aesthetic stylings and DIY skills haven't advanced even the tiniest bit since 2010, but I like the brutal elegance and minimalist functionality. Most importantly, it sounds really nice.
  16. Not very likely, they were literally released today
  17. If you haven't seen, as of this morning the Schiit Yggdrasil now comes in three different flavors. The FAQ has links to three different sets of listening impressions.
  18. Beefy

    RMAF 2021

    Hold it at a restaurant with lots of goofy shit on the walls and mozzarella sticks. Hopefully nobody gets pistol whipped. * This really sucks, if it is indeed permanent; I always wanted to make it to a RMAF. But given where COVID is trending, I'm not sure they had a choice.
  19. So glad you enjoyed it! Something about pork that works so well with just the sauces...
  20. I've heard good things. But a lot of colleagues have watched it and say it paints a hauntingly accurate picture of academia. I get enough of that shit on a day-to-day basis for it to bleed into my entertainment as well!
  21. That's a great article, and great snippet, except one thing that I simply cannot abide: and the “Tesla in space” thing was cringey. Nope. Nuh-uh. Not even a little. The Tesla in space was the best thing I ever saw. The whole Falcon Heavy launch that day, with the synchronised side-booster touchdown, the red sports car floating above the earth...... easily the most giddy-excited I've ever been about anything STEM, ever.
  22. Fair call. Squid kept or soaked in sea water is much tastier and more tender.
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