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We sure know how to party!!!

Short "hopumentary" about craft beer in the bay area.  Fun to see the City Beer Store, Zeitgeist, Lagunitas and other local beer folks for those who have met them and frequented their establishments.

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This experiment couldn't possibly go wrong. Living on sunlight only.

My name is Naveena Shine and I am the founder of "Living On Light." Let me tell you how the greatest idea ever generated came through me and was born to you via the internet.





This experiment is dangerous. Do not attempt it on your own or without proper supervision. We do not recommend that you stop eating food. Many people die if they stop eating food. You could damage your body, your mind and your life. Some people have died attempting to "Live On Light".

"To Live On Light", you have to take full responsibility for your actions and any consequences that occur because of your actions.

We suggest that minors should not be allowed to do this at all. They are not legally responsible for themselves and their parents need to be responsible for them. Also, the child’s physicality, especially the brain, is not fully developed yet and might not be capable of making the transformation we suspect might be required.

Almost nothing is known scientifically about this phenomenon so it would be both foolish and dangerous to embark on such an experiment without proper preparations. It might not be for everybody and should only be attempted after sufficient inner soul searching and higher guidance.

Your body/mind/spirit system might need to be so highly in tune with Universal forces that it is able to make a huge transition on many levels. We do not know what that involves and until more is studied and investigated we would say be very, very careful and quite certain that you are ready.

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Great retardation, batman!  I'd say something about drinking the koolaid, but...well...y'know...


"Living on sunshine" and "from Seattle" also seem oxymoronic.  Oh, wait, they already picked up on that:


No mention of how she plans to obtain sufficient light to live on in the notoriously gloomy Pacific Northwest.
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