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We sure know how to party!!!

Short "hopumentary" about craft beer in the bay area.  Fun to see the City Beer Store, Zeitgeist, Lagunitas and other local beer folks for those who have met them and frequented their establishments.

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Seth Myers was photographed the other day wearing a 1988 vintage T-shirt for a local state's attorney campaign that I was involved with as a volunteer in LaSalle County, IL.  
Below is the email I received today from Gary's wife, Lana:
Dear Friends and Relatives,
    If you haven't seen this phenomena on FaceBook, we would like to share this with you. We are not quite sure how Seth Meyers, former Saturday Night Live star and next to replace Jimmy Falon on the Late Night Show decided to sport a vintage 1988 Peterlin for State's Attorney T-Shirt. We first were notified that it was on Hot Pics in "US" Magazine yesterday online. And we aren't sure why Seth decided to advertise GLP, when he buffered Obama's campaign with $4,000 in 2008. I'm sure he doesn't care that Gary is a Republican ; ) Amy doesn't seem to mind either.
    Anyway we had quite a few laughs with the sighting, especially by the many parade walkers, sign makers, sign erectors, writers, managers, chairpeople, and supporters. It's amazing that shirt was designed 25 years ago and it looks like brand new. They seem to keep popping up. I think I'll dig mine up and wear it to the YMCA! Hope this gives you your daily chuckle.
    We will let you know, if we ever solve the mystery.
                                                               Love, Lana

Here's a recent pic of Gary (he was much younger way back when):

I'm pretty sure my copy of said T-shirt is long gone, but I'll have a look at the junk I have in storage back in my mom's basement the next time I'm home.  My guess is that it was an XL as opposed to my present 4XL.
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