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    I dunno if I've mentioned this before, but I'm a crazed redneck who lives in the woods. I have an artesian well and the groundwater here is hard as a black metal album. I have not one but two filters between it and what I drink. The first is a grit filter, the second is a taste & odor (charcoal) filter. They needed to be changed when I locked myself in 9 weeks ago, and I was out of spares Today I arranged pickup of new filters and replaced them. This is what the grit filter looked like when I removed it: The filters are pure white when new. For two decades, I have snarkily referred to the filter swapping process as "changing the house's tampon" because I haven't matured terribly much in the last ~35 years. Mr. Frog was not at all impressed the proceedings.
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    DIY tube amps made by the father of a user in reddit's /r/audiophile:
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    Coming up Friday. $5 for four shows. https://www.sfjazz.org/fridaysatfive/ Wayne Shorter 'Fridays at Five' Celebration THIS FRIDAY'S CONCERT Wayne Shorter Celebration Part 1 w/ Kamasi Washington, Terrace Martin, Danilo Pérez, John Patitucci & Brian Blade FRI, MAY 22 · 5-6 PM PT This Friday, SFJAZZ presents the first of a four-part Fridays At Five celebration of legendary saxophonist Wayne Shorter featuring the world premiere of a 2019 all-star tribute concert at the SFJAZZ Center, featuring Kamasi Washington, Terrace Martin, and members of Wayne Shorter's longtime quartet, Danilo Pérez, John Patitucci, and Brian Blade. For this broadcast and the exclusive four-part series, 100% of the Tip-Jar proceeds will go directly to Wayne Shorter for his ongoing medical needs. Consider making a donation today and/or during the broadcast!
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    Just be aware finding the digital membership page can be a bit daunting and my non-expired credit card was marked expired, but eventually went through on a different card.
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    The most jaded man I can think of: ”No fucking way.”—just in case you have trouble reading his very clearly enunciated lips
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    Good luck. Since this pandemic started, FedEx has screwed up numerous shipments for me. They have damaged things, lost things, sent stuff to the wrong place, or simply been late. And they have denied all claims ("You can't prove that that damage happened while the package was in our possession - maybe your customer, upon receiving the package and before opening it, ran a spear through the box."), and refused to answer their phone. I would estimate they have cost me ~$3K at this point.
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    FedEx was supposed to deliver the re-manufactured PSU main boards yesterday. FedEx messed up the delivery (long story), I ended up calling FedEx customer support to straight things out. Wes put on hold for 40+ minutes, finally talked to a rep and confirmed address and contact info. Then, nothing - tracking info still shows "pending" due to incorrect address today. Called customer support again just now, went through the same routine. Let's see what happens next. It shouldn't be this hard!
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