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  1. JB Weld contains iron particles. It is not safe to rely on it for any sort of electrical insulation. A bunch of people fried computers with this when it first started to be fashionable to JB-weld computer chips to heatsinks. Just be careful not to get any JB weld near pins on low voltage parts and you will be fine. If you do need electrical insulation there are readily accessible options. Devcon 2-ton epoxy is available just about anywhere you would find JB weld and lists dielectric strength in its datasheet - 600V/mil.
  2. Although it is probably splitting hairs - JB weld probably has better thermal conductivity than superglue. JB weld is certainly electrically conductive, so be careful not to bridge any pins.
  3. They are not orange in nikonworld, they are blue/green in canonland. J/k, and yea, raw.
  4. Even if the saddle is a good fit, your butt may need some time to get used to it. This is also important to remember if you spend a good deal of time off the bike. The saddle that felt awesome all last summer/fall and now feels like bad after a lazy winter feels like bad because your butt is no longer used to it.
  5. Thanks to everyone who chipped in for this! I made my goal, and went in the ocean. It was cold. Drying off was actually painful. Once I got dried off I realized I was not really all that cold. Then I went in the water again.
  6. Happy New Years everyone! The polar bear swim is just a few hours away, and I'm super excited. I just wanted to bump this before I took the plunge.
  7. nikongod

    Yo, guys

    Perhaps you could say who you are, or were, and when, and where you know us, or think we may know you from.
  8. Not cheaper than a DIY oil-filled G-shock I filled my F-91W the other night, and am proud to say that it has held up to several passes through my shower, and does not show any bubbles in the face. I don't actually own a G-shock watch... I cant decide if its my style, which I'm pretty sure means its not. The ressence 3 seems like it was really built "just for looks" (only 5ATM WR, IIRC) but, still bad ass. I am kind of a sucker for weird face layouts or uncommon movements.
  9. I have no experience with that brand, but FUUUUUUCK, if ever there was a watch begging for liquid filling. The way that crystal is domed! OMG. I was thinking of liquid filling a G-shock for stoopid-water resistance a while back (because its cool to have a watch that is WR to 1000m) and one thing lead to another and I found the Ressence 3... Liquid filled watches with hands look totally amazing. http://ressence.eu/
  10. If you can stand an EVIL camera, I would put a vote in for the Sony A7 with whichever sensor you think you would like the most. I should note that the A7s is the likely successor to my D700, in the event it ever dies and nothing with moar-ISO is available by then.
  11. Dislike I hope you are OK, and recover quickly.
  12. If your havin search problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but page-rank aint one.
  13. Wow Lary, sorry to hear this Glad it did not turn out worse for you & family.
  14. Hello All I thought it would be fun to take the Polar Bear swim at Coney Island this year. Its been on my bucket list for a while. They are raising money for Camp Sunshine - a camp for Children with life-threatening illnesses and their families and I would appreciate it if anyone could donate some money to them through my page. https://www.crowdrise.com/AriFriedman I don't think I have told you this, but I went to camp every summer from when I was 6 weeks old (my father was the camp director) until I was 20, doing everything from filling diapers, to being a camper, working in the kitchen, being a counselor, and working on the high-ropes course. All of it was pretty amazing and it would be cool to help someone else experience that. Thanks Polar Bear Club: http://www.polarbearclub.org/ Camp Sunshine: https://www.campsunshine.org/
  15. People have wound transformers with "exotic" wire before. I remain skeptical to any claims that the differences from winding material cause a larger difference than the differences from using the same materials (cores, bobbins, wire) in a slightly different way. In other words: Mucho cost for (basically) no change VS (maybe not even a) small difference in labor cost for likely change.
  16. There is this thing called Google (or a lawyers office) where one could search whether the police are required to inform you of your rights or not and at what time. PS: Am I the only one who finds incredible irony in asking about rights *after* a civil rights demonstration?
  17. I find it quite ironic that there is a bike parked out front....
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