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  1. As evidenced by the lack of deleted threads, they don't delete threads around here very often.
  2. Any requirement for Dirt/Mud/Water resistance?
  3. Sorry for missing this. Happy birthday AL!
  4. I kinda like the shadows a 2-light macro setup gets you. Surely there is an aftermarket ring-flash that will work with the camera in TTL mode. If you are willing to give up TTL metering there are TONS of generic ring-flashes.
  5. You may need to tweak the values to get the right bias from your B+.
  6. I dont think I would even want to hike that.
  7. Saturday I took fotos at the Grants Tomb Crit in NYC. Ignoring the fact that it rained for most of the day, it was pretty awesome I'd say. There were very few spectators, so I got to stand where ever I wanted, and the overcast sky was a nice change from previous years with harsh direct sunlight coming from the wrong place. Link to Flickr album 2015 CRCA Grants Tomb Crit by Lord Nikon 12, on Flickr 2015 CRCA Grants Tomb Crit by Lord Nikon 12, on Flickr 2015 CRCA Grants Tomb Crit by Lord Nikon 12, on Flickr 2015 CRCA Grants Tomb Crit by Lord Nikon 12, on Flickr
  8. I'm a bit surprised KG hasn't built a nitrogen/noble gas purge system to rid his bottles of oxygen. You can buy "canned air" looking cans filled with noble gas for this purpose... And people used to do this with photo-chemicals to increase their shelf life.
  9. It has been my experience that all of the colorations is the same as no coloration.
  10. you got a pretty nice pen for a guy who does not know what he is doing. Just saying... On a happier note, the AG-7 is "breaking in" a bit. The clicker has gotten a bit smoother with a liberal application of graphite lube, and some fairly obsessive clicking. I still wish it were smoother.
  11. If you sell photos (in america anyways) your camera equipment may no longer be covered under your normal home owners/renters insurance. Tagging your photos properly is very important.
  12. Because Headcase, I bought a Fisher AG-7 "spacepen" and a 400G Bullet Pen. I have not actually used either *much* seeing as how I only received them a few days ago, but here are some quick first impressions. I realllllly wanted to like the AG-7, but I'm finding it too lacking. I'm not a big fan of the balance of this pen. The center of gravity is a bit closer to the clicker than the tip than I'm comfy with, and I'm not really a fan. I think I am just used to neutrally balanced or tip weighted pens and this just feels weird. The grip of the pen is also thinner than I like. I guess wit
  13. Lithium battery explosions/fires are quite violent. They are also SIGNIFICANTLY less common in non-rechargeable batteries than they are in rechargeable batteries. There is basically no chance that happened here. My bet is something flaking off from inside the flashlight.
  14. no. Enough water goes though to dilute the acid to hopelessly weak concentrations. Front load washers are often cited as being gentler than top-load. So even less chance. Batteries don't leak until they are fully dead. Stop. We all have your best interests in mind here. There is nothing to worry about. Water for a batter spill applies to a car battery (or other Lead-Acid battery) and safe handling practices for the much stronger acids found there. It is not applicable to this situation.
  15. I, like the others, doubt any acid (or anything) leaked out of the batteries - they are typically quite well sealed. If it really bugs you just wash the sheets again for piece of mind.
  16. The small-house-fan in me says that should also serve double-duty as an ironing board.
  17. Even if you start off small(ish) it is not hard to get to DIY-Dyna* level pretty quickly. If you are interested in DIY, I would also look at the CKKiii as one of your "middle of learning process amps." It is VASTLY overshadowed by the vastly overhyped b22... so nobody talks about it. But its a good sounding, very affordable mid-complexity build. The hardest part is (still) casework. For me, anyways.
  18. I am not getting notifications for the movie thread I started.
  19. Will they have a lottery, or will it be first come first to set up a tent and wait in line for 3 days?
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