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  1. Still mucho better than a resistor I would be curious to see what results you get by setting the current purely by varying the value of a resistor between the source and ground, instead of applying a voltage to the gate. I know it should not make any difference, but I think it might. My reasoning is as follows: In the full graphs you can see that the slopes of current vs voltage are different with different Rs. As Rs increases the slope of the current VS voltage line decreases at similar currents*. My thinking is that if Rs was not important, the slopes of the curves closest to 10mA would not change. *Its kind of hard to see whats going on in Rs=0ohm, but comparing the lines closest to 10mA from Rs=0 & 10ohm - 11 to like 19 (8mA) vs 10 to like 13 (3mA) Rs=10ohm VS 24.9ohm @10mA - 3mA(10 ohm as above) VS either 8 to 9mA or 11 to 12.5mA (about 1.25mA) for the 24.9ohm curve. The 49ohm curves dont go to 10mA, but at lower currents they are flatter still than the 24.9ohm curves if you compare at ~5mA.
  2. You can reset the infinity marker on the 14F2.8 It is, I agree, not very sharp at F2.8 If its any help (doubtful I would even listen to my own advice here) I would stick with something in the 18 to 24mm range of primes for travel. The Nikon 24F2.8 is relatively small/light, and optically pretty pretty.
  3. I have a set of closed-back ESP-950 that I bought a few years ago. They are not exactly the suck, but mneh. Bass is WAY lower than anyone would expect with the fully closed back, but mids and highs are pretty nice. Yes, as you guys guessed above, they are fairly "slapped together." Mine had tool-marks where it looked like a badge was removed (there was speculation that they used the cups from whichever the high end(ish) closed studio can was before it was discontinued) and NO damping material in the actual cups. Take them apart, drill a few 1/4" holes in the cups (experiment! plus I don't remember how many holes I have in mine) and they improve significantly.
  4. Kinda the same as Dunkin Donuts, in a different way. I kinda prefer Tim Horton. There are a few in NYC.
  5. nikongod

    F O R M A T

    I love stuff like this. Or LaserDisc...
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    Wait. You can do that?
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    I too am in the market for a mattress, and the Casper was suggested to me by Facebook who saw that Brent likes them.* Any word on how the Casper mattress does "in the sack" to use the parlance of our times? I will be in the vicinity of their showroom on Thursday so I will get to test the "lying down" performance. *Proof that ad campaigns on facebook do in fact work. FUCCCCK. I am aware that its working, and I still look.
  8. Something nice about a smaller camera is you can get into more places. There isn't much room for argument when the sign in the museum clearly says no SLRs, but "point and shoot" cameras are fine.
  9. I dont know if its too late, or if you saw, but cut the EXTENSION cable and leave the cable on the headphones stock. Gives you more chances to re-fix the cable, and if they ever get "the squeal" you can still send them back to Koss.
  10. The tips of the pins on the amphenol connectors have a little hole in them. Strip the wire, stick it through the hole, and solder that way. Do not to get any solder on the sides of the pins. Just the tip.
  11. I really like separating AF and shutter button on my DSLR. Makes re-framing so easy.
  12. Does the sigma software let you tweak at different F-stops too? For lenses that focus perfectly at F(max) but front/backfocus at F(2 stops less)?
  13. HD580 with HD600 grills is all black. The headband is kind of slate-grey, but it can be covered up with a Beyerdynamic headband-cover. Or painted.
  14. Someone had a set they could not part with for $25 less than the $50 more than they are worth, and started a rumor to drive up prices. That's why.
  15. Although I cant think of ever seeing a smaller dreidel, those look like regular sized dreidels to me. I have seen larger dreidels, but they are always referred to as such. Now I want an actual mini dreidel, even though it probably wouldn't spin well and I don't play the dreidel game. KG should get right on making a 4-sized dreidel out of about 72 carbon atoms. Whatever the least number of atoms you can see the letters would be... It would go well with his hammer.
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