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  1. The correct number of bikes is n+1, where n is the number of bikes you currently own.
  2. This is a spin-off of another thread: I have long wondered why IKEA does not make flat-pack speakers. Either a simple, but relatively large (larger than what you could conveniently load into a very small car anyways) single driver or 2-way speaker in a rectangular box (maybe with a port?) OR a crazy-super-sexxy single driver folded horn. I wonder if the market demand for a nicer speaker is just too small
  3. The "Broskie cathode follower" lends its self well to balanced drive. Build 2, and hook them up out of phase. You could also build a simple long-tail-pair output stage with a robust small-signal tube (5687, 6h30, etc) and transformer couple to the output. If you want to get fancy (and why not?) use a blumlein garter instead of a LTP.
  4. I stand happily corrected.
  5. I did not know that the term was used that way. I have heard people say "lume" though.
  6. Everyone knows the lockers cost like 3 times as much as the non-locking ones. Cant be skimping out now... And besides, with all the power it takes to run headphones you might just blow the plug out of the socket if its not secured.
  7. I think tritium lights were available LONG before they started showing up in watches. The wikipedia article for luminous paint mentions that Tritium lights were used in some rotary telephones. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luminous_paint
  8. Tritium is a gas. It is only found in those little glass vials. You guys are talking about various luminous paints, which have NO tritium. Radium - perhaps. Various phosphors, absolutely. Other stuff - most likely. Radioactive paints were pretty awesome. Cheap, bright, and reliable. That got banned because the paints were hazardous to the people who had to paint the faces. The radiation is contained by the watch case & crystal so no danger to the wearer. Then we had Non-radioactive luminous-paints which range from awful to "still not as good as radioactive paint." Then someo
  9. I emailed the people with the watchmaking class to reserve a spot at the May 18 class, and heard back that they are pretty much fuller than full - BUT they are switching to weekly classes! It looks like they are changing from a "reserve a specific time" to simply "first in E-line first in available class", but hopefully I get in soon regardless. I wonder if they let you take pictures?
  10. http://www.metalinjection.net/around-the-interwebs/afroman-arrested-after-punching-a-woman-for-interrupting-his-solo
  11. I will be in NYC many times soon, I'm definitely going to attend this!
  12. Contact paypal. File a dispute. Today. While you are at it, archive the original sale page. And tell Jude.
  13. Just finished Brave New World and Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. I thought Brave new world was pretty awesome.
  14. I have not yet grown bored of the GoPro. Or tried to take it apart and broken it. I'm a bit more amazed by the second part, really. goproheart by Lord Nikon 12, on Flickr In the highly unlikely event anyone cares, I shot this from the back, and flipped it which is why the signs are all messed up.
  15. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!
  16. One time, a long time ago I used to smoke and work retail. There was this cashier who would smoke like 5 packs of cigarettes a day. He was NOTORIOUS for bumming cigarettes off of others. I'm not saying I'm a saint, and I eventually took to buying PACKS of cigarettes for others to hold (no joke) to stop but this guy was a menace. So, at this job you got 2 10-minute breaks, one before lunch, one after. Pretty standard, I guess. This guy, the cashier would show up to work early, CHAINSMOKE like 4 or 5 cigarettes, and then take the absolute first 10-minute break. He would regularly smoke 2 cigaret
  17. D810a is $500 more than the D810 (MSRP) NOBODY in Japan has a very good record for getting pro-level cameras right enough that they don't need a recall or 2, in the last few releases anyways. Having a warranty is probably worth $250 this early in the game. I'm curious if Nikon will ever make a B&W version. I mean, I would much rather have a GR-monochrom, but I imagine that a D810-monochrom would be very practical for micro-photography and other non-color-sensitive documentation.
  18. I have removed SR-60 drivers, but destroyed parts of the outer housing in the process. Have you ever seen someone have a cast removed? Cut a few slits (not quite as deep as the driver) along the shell, and then it just peels off. A little glue must be dealt with, but it is easy enough. I have also removed RS-2 drivers, without destroying housing or driver (woot!) but it was a LOT of work. This is harder. You need to get a tool between the wood and the driver, and work it around. Big pain in the butt. I assume a similar technique could be used with the plastic grados. Whatever you do,
  19. I had to look up what a snow rake was. "It looks like there are some cool designs out there." - Said nobody who has ever had to actually use a snow rake.
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