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  1. This is the first of the 4 most important photos I will take all year. Click through to Flickr. It is very important you view these in the right order. This is #1 byLord Nikon 12, on Flickr
  2. I'm betting (cautiously) on star movement. In all but the worlds cheapest tripods Mirror vibration self damps in MUCH less than 10sec. It is an issue with mid-length exposures (1/60-1/4sec), with long lenses or macro where the "perfect storm" of vibration amplification due to long lens length/high magnification *and* a lack of spare time to fill in with stable image (its not an issue in a 2sec macro shot, for example) fuxors your shit good - but mostly mirror shake is just something people like to talk about as the reason their handheld photos come out blurry. Anyways, in the case of
  3. The 11-24mm zoom looks like fun though. An 11mm prime (for SLR) would be fun.
  4. I always pull the handle under the sink by mistake.
  5. I could not be bothered to quote PretentiousFood... I'm not totally convinced of the benefits of a balanced phono stage. Balanced inputs, so that you get noise rejection for the cartridge level signal, absolutely. Balanced RIAA? SOOOOOOOOOO much work for no benefit. Balanced inputs. Convert to SE (transformer or op-amp based to get noise rejection) do RIAA & voltage gain single ended. Do whatever you gotta do for outputs (transformer or op amp phase splitter).
  6. Its just the things that go wrong most often.
  7. I love my 24F2.8 AIS. The prophet Ken Rockwell (and yes I'm joking about the prophet thing) assures us that the optics are the same. That being said, I would decide on a FOV~=focal length, and go from there. Its not *really* fair to compare such widely dis-similar focal lengths. Or since this is head-case, just buy them all. Because 24mm. Remembering by Lord Nikon 12, on Flickr Bridge in the fog by Lord Nikon 12, on Flickr
  8. It is just short of 2 years away, but I thought this story may be interesting to the Washington-DC contingent: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/digger/wp/2015/01/28/rei-to-open-flagship-store-at-uline-arena/ REI opening new flagship store.
  9. Steer far far far away from any TT with automatic anything. Adjustable VTA is nice, but also not I think the audiophile community makes MUCH more of VTA than is necessary because a modern tonearm needs to be designed to be put on who-knows-what TT with who-knows-what height from the plinth to the platter. TT's designed to "just work out of the box" (by engineers {who got payed to do that}) can easily get VTA to within a few MM for any cartridge with a fixed tonearm.
  10. SA5K are also very placement-sensitive*. It sounds weird, but they might just fit your head better than other people. That being said, I can never reallllly get their treble down to what I consider flat (HD800ish). * Most headphones are, actually.
  11. Craigslist - mid 80's to early 90's high quality turntable. Integrated receiver (1970-mid 90's?) with phono input. Will probably have a niceish radio tuner and probably a passable speaker amp if you shop carefully. New cartridge, or at the very least a new stylus if the TT comes with something niceish. Maybe a record and stylus brush to help with the dust bunnies. There is no reason to spend more than $200 all things told, and you can often do MUCH less if you are careful, patient, or already have some of the parts.
  12. I have a Fortis. I like it a lot. Edit: Please excuse the overall lack of quality of this picture. I took it before I figured out how to edit photos.
  13. He shot it with a Canon. That's the whitest they can do. Jk
  14. Much like Whisky comes from Scotland and Whiskey comes from North America Hocky is actually curling, and Hockey is the North American game. While the 2 drinks share some similarities, and the 2 games share some similarities, I'm not sure how anyone could confuse them.
  15. If this is for real (I sooooo hope it is) I move that we start a new thread for the event.
  16. I prefer A. B requires more parts=more part matching.
  17. Circuit B should show 1/2R2=R2*0.5 for each of the "R2" to ground, if it is to give the same attenuation as Circuit A.
  18. Although I am not entirely la-la-loving Fear and loathing in LasVegas (its growing on me...) this: http://petapixel.com/2015/01/19/hunter-s-thompson-problem-focusing-much-technicals-photography/
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