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  1. This is one me thinks. http://www.head-fi.org/t/712487/new-astell-kern-ak480-music-player
  2. I would think in most cases there are numerous masters in the archive that are better than the currently released versions. Just getting your hands on these is still prolly quite a bit of work, but not necessarily remastering. From what Neil said in the Computer Audiophile review, they seem to be willing to put the work in.
  3. It's all about the masters really, and it seems Neil knows that. The hi-rez shit is an easier sell...a cheap shot I think. Pono should spend the time educating people on the importance of good masters and the fucked up loudness wars shit. All in all though, I think it's a very good thing.
  4. HBD, Al. Thanks for hanging around all these years.
  5. I'm gonna start marking random bushes when camping up here in Montana.
  6. RMAF lifetime highlight: Naaman lifting Val Kolton's phone long enough to text Paris Hilton. What he said I don't know, but Val did move to Italy recently. Happy birfday, big boy!
  7. Obviously, legal weed would be good for the economy in numerous ways. Only downside, they might have to start enforcing minimum speed limit laws.
  8. They're getting close---if you read his papers you can see where they're going in FR. Here's my post about his work. IIRC remember in one of the papers they showed the compensation curves of some of the cans in the study. Damned good work.
  9. Fuck this pisses me off. I've got MOG running through a Vortexbox server and can sychronise it through all the Squeezebox players in my house and control it through my iPeng iPad app. I've spent countless hours scouring and favoriting artists so my reccos are relevant. And now they think Trent Reznor can find music for me better than I can!? FUCK YOU IOVINE!!! I absolutely will do another streaming service comparative review, and if Jimmy hasn't packed his shit nice and tight I'll piss on him...again. Not that my dick's that big or my prostate will allow for much pressure...wind's pretty unfavorable as well... ...BUT I'LL BLOODY WELL TRY!!!
  10. Amen to that. Bit of a tightrope walk. We'll get there.
  11. I reckon when it comes down to it, I'll just ask for people to send in their amps for measurement. If the mfrs don't like it they can send me one instead...or not. I'll get 'em either way.
  12. Yeah, I've got to get my amp measurement thing nailed down. Argggh.
  13. Anything done by enthusiasts is going to be severely flawed relative to a professionally done, statistically valid survey of subjective opinion relative to measured performance. We'll have to leave that to Sean Olive. But even with it's flaws, it's a big step toward a type of dialog including both objective measures and subjective impressions. I see some significant inappropriate mixing of subjective and objective evaluation in the paper, but I think it does represent crudely a territory where some very interesting discussion can occur. Maybe the most important part of it is that the hobby is actually looking at the measurements and trying to understand them. When the hobby is dominated by strong subjectivists then manufacturers can build whatever they want and it escapes objective scrutiny. But if evaluations begin to include measured performance commonly, manufacturers will have a much harder time hiding their ineptness behind statements like "it's for pros, so it should be detailed" when what they've really done is produce a tizzy mess. This thing, accurately or not, represents a trend that puts significant pressure on manufacturers to build technically proficient stuff. The more talk of measurements and how they relate to the listening experience, the more we're going to get better headphones, IMO.
  14. I guess I think it's an example of a nice step forward. Stuff like this can act as a model for people to try to understand the measurements. Dialectic is a good thing when it's like this. It's done in a way that people can fairly criticize it. Much better than saying, "OMG these cables made a HUGE difference." Anyway, I enjoyed the attempt: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/one-enthusiasts-take-top-line-headphones-state-flagships
  15. Looks like it came from "SanjiWatsuki" and appeared on reddit. http://en.reddit.com/r/headphones/comments/1texuh/the_state_of_the_flagships_analysis_of_the/ There's some things I don't agree with (like I think closed phones are sometimes better than open at the moment: HP50, Focal SPirit Pro; and in his reddit posts he says square waves are somewhat useless) but overall it's a pretty interesting and insightful look at how to interpret headphones performance from measurements.
  16. Hm. I like it. Who's the source?
  17. DAMIT! Forgot how to post YouTubes again. This is cool...would appreciate an embed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9W82sMSMJJg
  18. That may be worth a try. I think I'm just gonna drop the measurements here and there and let the hobby sort it out. I'll make a mention in my next Update, but I think that's it unless I get a new pair that are better.
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