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  1. I got Snow Leopard today as well but I'm waiting on my Drobo before I install anything to safeguard my music collection.
  2. I've used iTunes to rip 4 HDCDs perfectly. At least, the HDCD indicator on my DAC lights up when I play the files.
  3. Just what I was hoping for. Thanks for the quick reply!
  4. I just received a SRD-7/mk2 from Europe and I'm wondering if it's compatible for use in North America. The back says that it works on all the voltages but I just wanted to make sure that there isn't some kind of a switch that I need to move before I plug it in.
  5. PayPal has a host of other shitty practices like capricious account freezing. I'd ditch it in a heartbeat if I could but since eBay owns PayPal and pushes hard for its usage and since it is far and away the most common form of internet payment, there really is no alternative in my opinion.
  6. I have a 1.5 ft pair of each type from BJC and there is no meaningful difference. I prefer and use the Belden because it's more flexible but even that's negligible enough to ignore.
  7. Wow. The commentators there are really raking him over the coals.
  8. Bolton is also one of the few people ever to lose Senate confirmation for that particular post. In regards to Kim Jong Il's motivation -- I don't think it's a stretch to imagine that Bill Clinton's mere presence was enough as it probably makes his regime seem more legitimate in his eyes and because Bill Clinton represents a period before our relations with North Korea turned frigid.
  9. It should be noted that purchasing the components of the Mac Box Set individually is a fair bit less expensive.
  10. The upgrade options are up on the product page. WES Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier
  11. Quadrangulum

    John Adams

    I saw this earlier in the year upon the recommendation of a history professor. I loved every minute of it but I truly appreciate it for leading me to the book which I think is better.
  12. On a Higher Note :: P-1u Headphone Amplifier A lot more details and pictures have been posted by On a Higher Note.
  13. Gosh that's so depressing. I'll be sure to keep this in mind when I talk to fellow dog lovers.
  14. Happy birthday and thank you!
  15. The British episodes are indeed superior. It has, unfortunately, diminished the appeal of the American show for me. Still, it's the best reality cooking show domestically by a country mile. I'm actually a bit surprised to learn that the show is popular elsewhere; I always thought the British regarded Ramsay as a hack. I remember reading a couple of months ago that he got so fed up with a heckling reporter that he punched him or something. I figured the show came to America for that reason.
  16. Did anyone catch the premiere last week? I didn't realize the seasons were so close together. For those that missed it: Hulu - Hell's Kitchen: 16 Chefs Compete - Watch the full episode [email protected]@[email protected]@http://www.hulu.com/embed/[email protected]@[email protected]@YptSVm-f7twOc826UbpNiQ These chefs are the most incompetent ever.
  17. I finished The West Wing just now. It's my favorite television series ever. It has altered my outlook on politics and current events altogether.
  18. I snorted my soda through my nose last night when I saw that.
  19. It looks like I'll be landing a SRD7/mk2 along with a SR-Sigma soon to tide me over until I get my amp.
  20. I've been ripping my CDs to my computer over the past four days. I'll probably be done tomorrow.
  21. Not sure how I didn't notice earlier but 1.01 updated the UI.
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