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  1. I'm taken aback a bit with this one. Kind of a paradigm shift for me. One of the most badass songs ever? Or is it the 9% IPAs I've been drinking? No i think this is really fucking good
  2. Superb sound quality and music. Must listen. I mean YMMV. Its very sparse. An example wouldn't really show much. You kind of have to listen to it all or nothing. It definitely connected with me. https://www.stereophile.com/content/recording-february-2023-wheel
  3. Happy Birthday, Adam!
  4. I would highly recommend this: Albert approaches the blues with love, Hooker approaches the blues with anger. Both get there.
  5. ^ wow. The odds of winning the lottery might be better.
  6. ^^ Cheryl Ladd beat Farrah and Tiegs for my wall poster.
  7. Oh my. Jeff Beck is a true legend of the guitar and I believe the first to release a solo guitar album. The older I get the more I appreciate his style.
  8. It's insane right now. Southern California has a tornado warning. I had to drive into town to get gas for our generator, and it was like an obstacle course with trees down, most of the town was without power and dark. Coming back up the mountain, a chunk of it came down on some cars. Good times. Tomorrow is another round.
  9. ^ I had the same thing for like 5 weeks. antibiotics and something to help drain it did the trick. I still have a cough 8 weeks in but at least the sinus infection is gone.
  10. Happy Birthday, Knucks!
  11. I'll definitely check out that performance. I'll listen to 20 & 23 for sure. Not sure how far I'll get after that. Yeah, Beethoven's not bad for a deaf dude.
  12. UK Town Cancels New Year Fireworks For Walrus Only For It To Masturbate And Leave
  13. This too. Serious talent and very expressive.
  14. Not a fan of TCIC after listening to Hyper... It just sounds like techno. I guess because they sample a sax, that makes it jazz?
  15. The label is Westminster mono. link to more info https://www.popsike.com/MOZART-PIANO-CONCERTO-K466K488-PAUL-BADURASKODA-WESTMINSTER-XWN-18225-MEX/122977170864.html
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