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  1. Obviously good, live performance with good sound quality (on Qobuz)
  2. ^ the album cover, band name and album title had me expecting hard core heavy metal.
  3. Happy Birthday, Stretch! Hope its a good one.
  4. Bummer. Missed. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/vladimir-putins-limo-attacked-assassination-27993499
  5. I appreciate the offer, Al. Unfortunately, We will be out of town that weekend. We'll be at our place in the Grass Valley area. Safe travels and enjoy your Caser visits. It would be great to get together after all the summer travels.
  6. Dark coffee is my guilty pleasure. I know, I'm tasting the roasting as much as the beans, but I get to drink more (less caffeine), and I like a bold taste. That said, I drink medium plenty when using pour over.
  7. My Sony and Samsung true wireless has that. I never got around to setting it up, because they sound good enough for what they are. Maybe I'll give it a try. Na, that little flicker of motivation left me. Carry on.
  8. robm321

    Get your game on!

    Bioshock meets Fallout? With a sprinkling of Fuck Putin? Count me interested. https://youtu.be/jLmukRHiXUE
  9. Experimental Bluegrass with a very talented guitarist
  10. "There is no exquisite beauty, without some strangeness in the proportion." Shout out to, Dali. I digress, back to photography.
  11. How did the shower afterwards feel? 😖
  12. and some Bach (period instruments), well performed and recorded.
  13. The FBI may want to check the artists hard drive for child porn. Just in case.
  14. It just dawned on me, Steve. You've lived in the 3 biggest states in the country.
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