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  1. Hilarious. The first video especially. It looks like he can barely hold in the laugh.
  2. Well Verstappen ended up in the hospital, so it was kinda dangerous. Hamilton was given a 5 second penalty (because Mercedes owns F1), and won anyway. I'm not defending either racer. I'm just pointing out that Hamilton should lose your respect as well, no? Here's the wreck from multiple angles, earlier this year.
  3. When Hamilton threw Verstappen into the wall which started this whole thing, he probably wasn't putting safety over victory eagerness. I was a Hamilton fan for years. After that, I'm no longer a fan. That said, Verstappen is no saint. The season has been entertaining because of the drama. It's the best you could hope for in a pay to win sport.
  4. Upgraded awhile ago. No issues. Same thing without the sharp edges and menu In center rather than left corner.
  5. Free Solo legitimately terrified me.
  6. I'm sorry, Steve. It's not callous at all but merciful.
  7. Added to "watch later". I wasn't aware of that. Crazy.
  8. I saw the second one which I liked because of its humor. It didn't scare me much though. Was it like the Nightmare on Elm Street series, where the first one was scary and the rest were comedy?
  9. I've never seen Evil Dead. Now I want to. The Exorcist was the scariest movie I've ever seen. The head spinning didn't freak me out as much as other parts of the movie.
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