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  1. It just dawned on me, Steve. You've lived in the 3 biggest states in the country.
  2. RIP VS. Dodgers suck but he was the best to ever do it IMO.
  3. Sweet! I would love to have a sink right next to my grill.
  4. I'm sorry for your loss 😪
  5. Hit like before even listening. I mean, Hiromi & Chick Corea 🤩 I listened to this over the weekend 😛
  6. robm321


    ^ Same here, except I gave up and never finished season 2. May try season 4 but probably not.
  7. I use the Kalita Wave 185. I'd say the Hario V60 is more popular, so probably the safest bet for single cup. For multiple cups, the Chemex would be my choice.
  8. Ety passives here too.
  9. ^ yes very relieved that Zhou was ok. This year is so much more interesting than when the silver arrows dominated.
  10. Sweet! Di Meola mentioned this in an interview awhile back. Glad to know it's out.
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