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  1. Yeah, a monumental embarrassment for Redbull. Ugly cars, but much more unpredictable and interesting. Great start to the season👍
  2. I'll give up California Pizza Kitchen, but I won't give up Maybelline.
  3. Ok, that changes things. Kinda like trying to boycott, Disney.
  4. Agree, I'm well into my first bag and the roast is perfect and fantastic taste about covers it.
  5. Should be an easy protest for me. I don't buy any of those brands.
  6. Happy Birthday, Al! Hope you have a wonderful day.
  7. Her Chopin is on point, and I like how she throws in contemporary pieces throughout. I would never think to seek those out. Now...
  8. ^ Same. Looking forward to trying it tomorrow.
  9. Listened to this last week and agree.
  10. robm321


    Long but if you're an Al fan, a must.
  11. Congrats. Best feature is that it has a pen. I have a Note 8 and have been eyeballing the S22 Ultra.
  12. Happy Birthday, Steve!
  13. Congrats Kerry! Exciting news. Wishing you guys all the best in your new venture.
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