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  1. Are you sure that isn't what made you sick?
  2. Dammit. I came here with my pink Venmo debit card ready to drop some dosh.
  3. Working on getting M3 back up and running. Battery was dead. Gone are the days of 48/60/72/84 month warranties and in are 3-year-on-the-high-end warranties. Well, pull my 275$ AGM battery and check for a build date. 5/21. #WINNING Took it in to get tested/charged/possibly warrantied. As long as I didn't buy it on 5/30 or 5/31, I'd get coverage. I've abstained from biscuits for a bit, and my warranty runs out on 6/14/24. It was discharged so much it took 15+ minutes for the machine to even tell us how long a charge would take. Instead, it came back as dead. Got the call; I pick up a brand new 275$ AGM battery tomorrow.
  4. Hah! Finally getting through the thread. Thanks everyone (except 1)! Nate, I'll take you up on that in 3 weeks? Grahame, that was fantastic. I really thought the wheels were going to be a proper star; now I'm wondering if I can get some built up that way. Knucks, who only has 500 tabs? Rookie. Mikey, thanks! But that living long thing, that's gotta be relative, right? I wound up working, had a video call with mom and brother, then a mensa game night, then the fam got me a chocolate cake that they didn't know I'd been craving, but I'd been CRAVING chocolate cake. Rich enough that I couldn't finish a piece, so we've all been doing small slices here and there. Got lots of snuggles from the dogs, and went to bed sober and early. Tonight having Mexican at this place we like in Kirkland (no, not at a Costco, nor a Taco Bell), and then brunch at STK tomorrow. Oh, heh, and Xavier got me a new grill brush (wrapped in christmas paper and black duct tape). All in all a pretty good birthday, even if the answer year didn't turn out the way I'd hoped.
  5. I’m in multiple MD groups. I had a 5 MD changer growing up. I loved it.
  6. 8 years ago today the guy who runs The Absolute Sound tried to liberate my stuff.
  7. I’m happy to tell an 80 year old bitch they’re wrong. It’sa big reason I talk to Naaman.
  8. Heh. @grawk, so I'm talking to Joe and he mentions something about dropping 2800$ on tires before this SmokieGT Rally he was on, and after 5 days needed another set I'm like "wait, that wasn't late April, was it?" "Yeah" *goes and digs up this pic* "Friends of yours, by any chance?" "Yep. That was part of our crew." Here's a shot from Road Atlanta: Was hoping that was the same white car, but don't think it is. Few of them got together Some a little more special than others. https://www.smokiesgt.org/
  9. Even went for the 3rd best biscuit in Seattle for you
  10. Congrat to Lance and another to you! Wanted to let you know my buddy created https://medictests.com/ and it's a great resource for EMTs and whatnot. Prolly worth checking out. Xavier is healing from his ACL surgery, but he's gotten hardcore into rock climbing, and also digs MTBing, so... services may be needed.
  11. Nice! Love the Femmes and saxophone! I was wondering if that was a bass or contrabass; was thinking CB but there are some basses out there that are less compact, seemingly. That is an octave below a bari sax and TWO octaves below alto (which is what I play, and @Aura and @thrice and some others around here use to play, IIRC.) That thing is a beast; I love it.
  12. The One O’Clock Lab Band The top band out of the University of North Texas. Fantastic show, shitty venue.
  13. https://archive.org/details/PopUpVideo2011/Beastie+Boys+-+Intergalactic.flv OK, so this is the Beastie Boys - Intergalactic However, this link will give you 300+ videos from VH1's Pop Up Video This link will give you days of listening. There's so much good stuff that I forgot even existed.
  14. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/louis-gossett-jr-first-black-man-win-supporting-actor-oscar-dies-source-2024-03-29/ Looks like we missed Lou Gossett Jr. RIP.
  15. Me, @cetoole, and Xavier went out. Xavier is just 1 week out from his surgery so trying to get some rides in before he takes an ACl break. #TooSoon
  16. No bike pix, b/c I was too exhausted and had to take a nap after so much riding, but my Porsche and Diablo-aficionados may can appreciate a couple numbers up there.
  17. Queens and their story times... SMH. Glad you had a good time! Didn't know about the educational dreams at one point! Though, I do think it'd be funny if you became a lawyer in retirement.
  18. This is why we can't have nice things.
  19. Love it! Now, though, I'm just wondering how to get that closer to 6.79kg.
  20. Glad you finally got a reasonable beverage.
  21. Fuck, man. Your current bike is SO hot, yet the ne wone is just... man. I had to come back to look at it again (I may be a drink or 3 in.) I fucking approve! Also, the Future Shock 2.0 does not suck.
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