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  1. By the time @cetoole would build it, I'd have a job and could afford to pay you to do it. By then, you'll have 2-3 new amps out.
  2. @justin - Would this be a good project as a first build should I want to bring @cetoole out of retirement for "guidance"?
  3. The Man In The High Castle Currently on S2.
  4. @DouglasQuaid Introduced me to this one. I *loved* it. Wish it would've had at least one more season, though.
  5. ^^^ Pedestrian games for the proletariat. A proper game was announced today. Ladies, gentlemen, lawyers, may I present: Killing Floor III
  6. Man, I need to get a job so I can buy things on a whim again. I miss those days.
  7. https://www.adorama.com/se506911k.html?sdtid=16869128&emailprice=t&sterm=2eM3mlzRDxyPT7EyAhTydzFMUkF3JB3QExTVx80&utm_source=rflaid62905&utm_medium=affiliate Ooops. Accidentally found a link that has that amp PLUS Senn HD800S for 1499$. I hate when that happens.
  8. I'm unemployed this time around, so the donation is smaller than I'd like, but it was enough to get you up over halfway there! In!
  9. Steve, well worth the (less than 15 minutes) to catch up on the story with a happy-ish ending! I imagine it's b/c I was a few days late in reading up on biscuit-related post, so I didn't get any (wonderful) ideas. While I am hungry, I'll refrain from making any breakfast-related excursions for at least a day or so to make sure those next few meals find the right address.
  10. Right. Don't think you had a link when you bought it, so I just looked it up on Adorama's site and it was 749$, IIRC. The link you had from 3 hours ago, however, did show 399$. If you ever find a deal, post the link. I've been able to send deals with crazy big discounts from there, but you wouldn't be able to find it by searching; it's a very URL-dependent site. Oh! And I found out that they moved their warehouse to my old stomping grounds in TN! A friend of mine works for them; says it's the best job he's had other than DJing. ❤️
  11. When I checked it, I saw the full price and couldn't find the deal you got. Looks like a nice piece of kit. When it gets down to 90% off...
  12. I've had a Samsung Z Flip 5G (Z Flip 2) that I've liked, though I would COMPLETELY recommend going with a Z Flip 5 that comes out next week. You can get great trade in deals right now, but they're also offering a free storage upgrade now, so I'd just do that. The front screen on the new one is large enough to give you data and even have a keyboard on the front (though I'd recommend using the SWYPE-style features on that where you trace out your words instead of typing them, as it is pretty small.) I'd also get a good case for it. My friend who has had every Flip since the 5G (he gave me his old one; I use it as my second/work line) has an Otterbox, but I got him hooked on Spigen cases and he hasn't looked back. He's moving on to a Fold 5, which isn't going to suit your purposes, but if you're looking for slimmer, I think it's going to be a great way to go. You can use a USB-C to 3.5mm jack, or get fancy with any non-Grahame recommended USB-C DACs (there are some good ones out there), and can have a really nice little pocket rig. There are some other companies making foldables, including a more budget-friendly Motorola Razr that's coming out soon, if not already, but Samsung has the most marketshare, and I've been getting consistent security updates on my 3-year old version, which is the reason I got away from Android (and over to the darkside) for single phone/work-related stuff anyways. I've moved mostly over to the Cult of Steve (no, not @swt61) for the most part, but still try to play both sides (again, no, not talking about you @swt61), so feel free to hit me up with any questions you may have and I'll do my best to help you out.
  13. ¡Feliz cumpleaños! Hope you bought something awesome for yourself!
  14. Mmmmm, I/V Dilaudid is my happy thought. I wouldn't mind trying a lollipop or two, though.
  15. Figured some of you may want to snag one of these for the shop(s). https://festoolfanshop.com/products/pizza-cutter?variant=40150557491287
  16. Grrrrr... was going to tell you and everyone else who got a Specialized SL-equipped bike that there is a great deal (25% off) on accessories, including the range extender (which was REALLY hard to find previously), and 25% off of the Y-adapter (that I used today before I ride with @cetoole and Xavier) https://www.specialized.com/us/en/shop/equipment/gear/turbo-extras/c/turboaccessories Then I am reminded of @Voltron's snarkiness, and then I thought about my favorite Google search: https://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=breakfast+biscuits&find_loc=Bellevue%2C+WA Have a good ride! /me muahahahahahahahahahas
  17. RIP to the 2024 Republican presidential nominee
  18. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a decent day. Realized my license expired so I went to go buy some whiskey at the last minute, so I made a birthday cocktail. Had another band concert to play in (had one Sunday too) and a buddy in the section serenaded me with the HBD song, which was nice. 6 of us went out for dinner afterwards and they bought my dinner as a gift, and was nice meeting some new people/hanging out with others when we weren't just sitting in band. And, over the weekend, I got to have lunch/dinner with a good friend from back home while he was out instructing at a racing school in the PNW. Overall, been a solid time period since I turned The Answer.
  19. Great story! Also, '81 is when I was born.
  20. RIP Doyle Brunson, the Godfather of Poker, dead at 89. https://www.espn.com/espn/betting/story/_/id/37651901/doyle-brunson-10-world-series-poker-champion-dies-age-89 Most of his lasts posts on twitter was about his dog :I
  21. Lunch update: postponed due to animal emergency on the side of the main dude; I was completely understanding and told him to take care of the pupperz and we'd reschedule. Should be rescheduled for later in the week, or early next week. For now, drinking.
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