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  1. Grabbed a 100$ haircut + beard trim for my first "meet the team" lunch with a very interesting prospect job wise. I've never had a "lunch interview" before, but this would be a job that would interface somewhat with my old job, except I'd be leading the account for one company instead of low-person on the totem pole for the old company. Restaurant https://stanfords.com/locations/northgate/ Menu https://stanfords.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Stanfords-Main-Menu_Web.pdf Depending on what the head guy orders, that 12oz cut of rock salted roasted prime rib looks great, or perhaps the smaller rib eye. I guess we'll see what's up in the morning, but the goal is to walk away on a good track to make more than my previous boss/grand boss, which would be just fantastic. It was a pretty good sign where two former co-workers sent me that same job listing, and one of them had reached out. I went from the initial "hey, we got your name and want to put you in the pool, send your resume" to, after receiving resume, "that's a STRONG resume. I have a few people out at the show [ISC West in Vegas a couple weeks ago] I'd like you to try to meet up with. If not, we'll get together in the next couple weeks." Looks like it'd be a really good match, and I have a LOT of good recommendations from inside that company, so gonna grab a drink, take a nap, and then try to figure out the ideal etiquette to handle a job interview in a restaurant. Come to think of it, the last time I had a job interview in a restaurant was in the 90s at either DQ or Hardee's. Man, now I want a biscuit...
  2. RIP Marty; my condolences Mikey.
  3. Happy belated Thursday, etc., Nate!
  4. If anyone is looking to get rid of any vintage portable tape players, or *cough* one of those tempermental-ass, shitty Nakamichi Dragons, ping me. Thx.
  5. Happy belated birthday. For you, at least. Here, it's still your birthday, but wanted to make sure you knew it was belated coming from me. The big 6-0 should really deserve something more festive, but here is a:
  6. Heh. Sucks about downsizing, because stuff is great, but I’m pretty happy with my Bonnie Pink PRS and Daphne Blue Jazz Bass. But I also want a crazy relic’d masterbuilt and/or Murphy shop something. GLWS
  7. @Dusty Chalk - Figured you may dig this purple Les Paul R9.
  8. @Dusty Chalk - Thought you may like this one. Saw it on Trogly which just went up a few minutes ago. They had another one that already sold, but you may enjoy it anyways in the video.
  9. Just buy it a seat Alternatively, check the dimensions of your case and check that against the airline's policy and the plane's above-head holding dimensions to see if it will technically fit. I've flown with a trombone that didn't fit up top before (Xavier's when we moved out,) but the FA was able to put it with some of their vertical storage up front and it was fine.
  10. Nice! Orange? Gold? Green? (Fucking colorblindness)
  11. Mmmmmm, blue Helix https://www.guitarcenter.com/Line-6/Helix-Limited-Edition-Multi-Effects-Guitar-Pedal-Lightning-Blue-1500000301371.gc
  12. I'll keep it in Mind; Fender is doing 12 Days of Deals right now, so I'm keeping an eye out for that too. I was seeing something about this Boss Katana 110 that has a bunch of effects and whatnot that seems interesting. I have a Line 6 for the guitar that's a modeling amp, and it's definitely cool to play with.
  13. We all knew this would be a "yes", didn't we? Squier Classic Vibe '60s Jazz Bass Daphne Blue - Pix of actual guitar sent from Sweetwater. Never found those smaller fingers, so didn't make much progress with the pink guitar yet, but my son got it a few months ago and was noodling around. Well... turns out Fender is doing a promo where you get a "free" Squier starter kit + a year of Fender Play (lessons/app.) Should be here in a few days, but going to hold off until Satanmas, as this may be "my gift" from the fam. We shall see. Probably need a bass amp (that cost more than this much-more-budget-friendly-than-a-PRS-guitar bass). This thing is going to hold SOOOO many clothes.
  14. Heh. It wound up not coming off til like, midnight.
  15. Finally got to break out the smoker for the first time since I bought it a couple months ago. @cetoole found pork shoulder for 99 cents/lb, so I got an 8-and-change pounder and broke it in. I had a cayenne and garlic infused garlic honey that I've liked before spread over it and rubbed in, along with some brown sugar. Let it rest overnight uncovered in the fridge, ground some salt over it today while the smoker was going through its initial burn in/up process. Have a learning curve (smaller-than-13-hour-hopper, so I ran out once), but... it doesn't suck.
  16. Happy belated birthday! (Waited for 12:01 to post)
  17. Recently got to go see Arturo Sandoval at Dimitriou's Jazz Alley in Seattle. I posted a pic online and, well, a good bit of the band decided they'd post that picture as well, including the man himself! Then we got to have a performance of Autumn Leaves by Deeds/Deedles/Diane Schuur (if anyone knows/of her). First time at that jazz club, and won't be my last.
  18. Takeoff from rap trio Migos, shot dead at 28. https://apnews.com/article/takeoff-migos-killed-houston-b5e86d023796a9c4eddf9bf547bcd396
  19. Gorillaz 20th Anniversary Tour Also spotted: a @909 in the wild! Love this album so stoked it was represented Damon seems to truly care and is passionate in his performance Thought an Mmmm-Hale-Bopp mashup was coming, but no such luck Uber drivers wouldnt let him drive, so we tried the monorail. They wouldn’t let him drive either. Idk why. We were posted up in front of the sound booth. I think the sound guy noticed David has JH Audio custom earplugs so he got the set list!!! It’s now residing with me; love it! This is the instrument I should have played growing up instead of saxophone. Alas. Perhaps in my next life/simulation. Dig the venue And the photographer was literally right behind us. Hoping to find some of those images soon. Had a good time; this was a bucket list band for me to see live
  20. Heh, so if he's in the mood for some decent-ish cooking, my daughter and her boyfriend just moved to Ft. Collins last week. The BF is going to CSU (both left ERAU, which seems to be in fashion these days) and Zoe's going to a CC out there as she tries to figure things out (major change, life,etc.) Class of 25 for them, in theory, but who knows...
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