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  1. Started F1: Drive to Survive on Sunday and finished it up last night. Now I know everything about F1 and am an expert on everything. Respect Lewis but hate Mercedes. Dig Red Bull's panache but can't stand Max. Like T$ I like Pierre, but think I like Ricciardo the best. Here's to hoping Daniel beats out Pierre and Max and Lewis take each other out every race.
  2. Just came here to post this. So sad. RIP Gilbert.
  3. Anyone have a good list of apps to use with a new M1 MBA to make it not suck as much? Already have Magnet, EasyRes, maybe something else.
  4. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/taylor-hawkins-death-foo-fighters_n_623e86dfe4b0e340f6a3374c RIP Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters drummer, at age 50. This one hurts a bit.
  5. You’ll all love this. Got my biscuits. Ate one for breakfast, but the spare one was in a bag on a table. I wasn’t thinking about the pocket pitty we’re fostering having the ability to get up higher than the others. Now the shreds are on the floor from the back and wrapper. FML, but hopefully fuck theirs too.
  6. I say you anonymously send a to-scale TICE wood carving as a "thank you" for your first negative review in 40 years, and it's inspired you to work harder for any similar jobs going forward, being either with new clientele, or the thousands of satisfied customers. And, in case you don't want to do that, I'm going to go get a biscuit in about an hour and a half. If you PM me their phone number, I can make sure they get a picture of it "on accident" with a "thinking of you!" message to go along with it.
  7. Heh @ Dark Plates 2.0. Why would you not just get OG Dark Plates?
  8. Happy birthday, bitch! You should come kill floors with us sometime; we only play HoE now. You'll love it; we'll carry you.
  9. Mmmmm.... RGB Apple Logo. Is this the continuation of me going to the dark side?
  10. So old. Hope you buy something fun for your birthday!
  11. Hadn't thought about him in a while, but Dobie Gillis did pop into my head in the past year or two. Didn't expect he was still around, but rermember watching that on Nick-At-Nite for a long time in my youth. RIP.
  12. Hope you bought yourself something great.
  13. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/02/02/business/john-koss-dead.html RIP John Koss, the guy who got me into this with some Porta Pros back in the 90s. What a legend.
  14. I did grow up with full house, and was of age when The Aristocrats came out. This one hurt a bit.
  15. Bummer that they got too distracted listening to the beautiful, beautiful music to answer
  16. So Slimmer Fingers aren't in stock anywhere; anyone have a line on some they can ship out? Have heard good things about Guitar Tricks and JustinGuitar (or something). Thx for rec.
  17. FTFY about a month ago, so we're good. Grateful, even?
  18. Have a link to “slimmer fingers”? I googled it but I forgot to cut on safe search so… I think I should probably get a bass now, no?
  19. So got this for Satanmas from “the kids.” PRS SE Custom 24 in “Bonnie Pink” Also got a Line 6 Spyder V30 Mk II amp. So… before I learn how to make this thing work, what upgrades do I need?
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