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  1. Just to let you guys know, I've already talked to larry, and pretty much, these are the options he through out. We know something is wrong, (the seller and I), and he has made it right. I hear that re-doing the driver would be easy, but I think I'd rather pay to have a pro do it. By pro, I mean someone who's may, I don't know, removed and replaced a driver before, or at least soldered. I know it probably wouldn't be that hard, but I've run back and forth with larry on a few different options, and pretty much, they're laid out. I'm worried about the 1 driver replacement option, mismatched drivers and whatnot. I hear the 80 ohm ones are better, but I've not heard 'em, I don't know. Anyways... I'll make a decision one of these days. **BRENT**
  2. b/c that would have been too easy... and I've been up for about 36 of the past 40 hours, and not thining straight... That's why. **BRENT**
  3. Ok, I hate making decisions, and I hate having broken headphones. There is a bit of a rattle in the right side of my maple Darth Beyers. I'm thinking it is either a driver, a hair, or (doubtful, but maybe) a slight defect in the wooden cup assembly. I have a few options, as the seller has reimbursed me a very reasonable amount to go towards rectifying my problem. Option 1: Buy 1 dt770-250 ohm driver to replace the one, fix it myself (with help) or send it to a DIY guy to do it for me Option 2: Same as above, but send it to larry. Option 3: Send to Larry to redriver both sides with 80 ohm drivers (many people consider these superior). This will be a little $$$ out of pocket for me, but have virtually new DB's for a very reasonable price. Option 4: Trade them "as-is" for a nice little source, then work on getting a decent home amp for my HF-1's If I choose your opinion, and you are the first one who says it (or maybe everyone), i'll paypal you 1$, or not, we'll see. Thanks for the help guys. **BRENT**
  4. Funny slackity. No, he got rid of his a while ago. Aactually, I might trade them to him though. **BRENT** BTW, welcome slack.
  5. <Edit>... I can't get the pix to work from my head-case photo album link thingy. Someone who's had sleep, please give me a little guidance. Til then... That MIGHT work, but its not as nice as them being right in the post. **BRENT** </Edit> Its about time, no? Couldn't get the image thing to work earlier, and I'd forgotten the tag. These are fund cans guys, I got them in less than 45 hours after I paid. This was NOT overnight shipping. My love goes out to the time zone differences, and the great USPS, for which employees me... until I go on my shooting rampage. Countdown: 94 days. **BRENT**
  6. I'm tired of having to buy cans (or con canadians into shipping me new RS-1's) to be able to listen to different things. I know there have been get togethers in TN before, but none I've ever been able to make it to. I nominate Chattanooga. Not only b/c I live here, but its 2 hours or less from Nashville, Knoxville, Cookeville, and Atlanta. If there's anyone around the area, let me know, it could be interesting... **BRENT**
  7. This is why grawk is one of the most beloved members of head-case... you bloody bastard. **BRENT**
  8. MexicanDragon


    Great looping yo's. I forget who made them, but I had 4 as well. I got some in Atlanta, and walked the dog on top of Stone(d) Mountain. Good times. If those had been able to come apart, would have been amazing. The wooden axles were a little soft though, I remember the friction actually wearing a groove in one of mine. Then again, I have a crazy fast spin, so that might have been some of it. Oh well... We should have a yo yo meet sometime... **BRENT**
  9. So even though i wanted to get RS-1's, I didn't really want to get rid of my HF-1's. I came across some Darth Beyers today, and couldn't resist. They'll be my priciest cans to date... Sometimes, hobbies can be dangerous. To get the goahead for the purchase, I had to promise to not complain about the amount my fiancee spends when we go clothes shopping this week. What have I gotten myself into ladies and gents, WHAT!?!?... Oh well, a nice big box in the mail later this week will make everything better... **BRENT**
  10. Hey... no, just have 2 here. one is 4 months, one is 3 1/3rd. Have a killer tax refund coming though. Just threw down for a gym membership, and the fiancee really liked the RS-1's. Maybe I'll get a nice b-day gift... we shall see. **BRENT**
  11. Just sayin' hi... Trying to get my Post Whore on... Mainly just trying to eek out the last few moments of time with these RS-1's. Thanks to the boys for making another site to draw me away from my precious sleep. Thank jebus for a vacay coming up thursday. G'night... **BRENT**
  12. very nice vicious, very nice. I have a 3 and a third, and she's still scared of the poop. With her AND the 4 month old, diapers are part of the reason I'm still rockin' HF-1's instead of RS-1's... sigh. She's done it twice, and it scares her to death. (Yes grawk, she actually dies, and must be recessitated.) Its a dirty job, leave it to the mexicans... **BRENT**
  13. MexicanDragon


    I try not to think of yoyo's... it makes my finger hurt. But i'm going to have some mad vintage stuff when the craze comes back around. The new kids though are insane. I was on a nice singled handed amatuer level, competitive level. These days, its sick. I grew up in the sport when the world record for the longest sleeper was just under 3 minutes (i have that yoyo). Then it went to 7 minutes 8 seconds (i have that yo yo as well). Last I czeched, it was at 19 and change. That's like kenny G breaking the single note record at 45 minutes. I play sax as well, but that would be too incredibly boring. I'm just gonna quit thinking about that, and go back to listening to my stolen RS-1's... well, borrowed. THey won't be stolen for another few days. **BRENT**
  14. MexicanDragon


    Nice to be here Thaddy. I have some brand new RS-1's on loan I'm putting up against my HF-1's. Very nice, very nice. I'm just saddened that I must go to bed before work. Oh well, the joys of tomorrow being sunday, no postal runs... can't ship out til monday at the earliest. <g> I think I'd be happy with C-pads and black mesh... we'll have to see. I still want to get larry to make me custom wooden buttons that say "MD" on 'em... and, of course, a purple heart yo yo. **BRENT**
  15. MexicanDragon


    TEAM Yo-Yo Member Arsenal: Playmaxx Butter Bee (Butterfly Bumblebee) with custom Spintastics holographic sides, Slick 6 String Playmaxx Cold Fusion - Stock w/ Slick 6 Henry's Viper - Glow/Black Custom Mini - half Black LTD. ED., half Green Custom Mag - Purple with matching anodized Stand Tom Kuhn - SB-2 (1 silver, 1 custom) Spintastics Technics x2 (2 handed looping) Koosh Pro Yo 2 x23 (2 handed looping, 1$ each at walmart, bought for friends, have leftovers, somewhere) Others abound, but I can't remember 'em all. I'll Shoot The Moon for Grado's, btw. **BRENT**
  16. Gotta go with these... http://www.180s.com/sub_category.aspx?prodtypeid=2&lineid=1&productid=4&psku=AETJABKRUZ70256F00 Soooooo comfy! **BRENT**
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