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  1. If you have a 27,000$ vinyl rig and are a DIY'er, buy 10mm and reload. If you're a girly man or need a BUG, 9mm. If you want to be right, get a 1911 in .45ACP. IMO, YMMV, blah blah blah. **BRENT**
  2. About the holes... it looks cool and it saves weight... The design on the two that you were referencing is typical for 1911s, and is called the "Double Diamond" pattern. I have something that's a bit different on mine, but you can't really see it. Gotta love Ed Brown. I almost went with a Dan Wesson CBOB last year, but the shop I was at just had it in stock in 10mm. After fondling about 12 1911s I was looking at a Colt Gold Cup, and seeing that my buddy (the shop owner) knew what I was wanting/needing, and knowing the Colt wasn't the best match, he showed me the lightly used Baer. It was a bit over my budget... but whatever. A little bartering later and I walked out with a crazy piece. Fun fun. **BRENT**
  3. Sweet Jebus, you're old! Hope the arthritis isn't flaring up too bad today... **BRENT**
  4. While we're at it... My Les Baer Custom Xtreme Tactical 1911 **BRENT** P.S. Incase you were wondering, that IS the foam from a Sennheiser HD650 box... the box is in the background.
  5. Needs black grills, deep cups... instead of gold plating, black nickel plating of the 1/4" jack, though a black 4pin XLR would be fine/preferable. You could also use them for listening to movies such as "Men in Black", "Men in Black II", "Shaft", "Pitch Black", "Black Hawk Down", etc... **BRENT**
  6. I know Erin Brokovich performed 634 sexual favors to get something done one time... did Slacker just have to do 500? [me=MexicanDragon]is confused...[/me] **BRENT**
  7. MexicanDragon


    You're welcome! **BRENT**
  8. Happy Thursday, Lady and Gentlemen! **BRENT**
  9. Bloody cheap bourbon can know a Mexican out for months at a time. How are they? How do they compare to KSC-35's and K1000's? (I figure those are the natural comparisons) **BRENT**
  10. The HC-1? Do we have a timeframe on when someone can make this happen? **BRENT**
  11. Thanks for the pics guys. There were 21 replies since I'd last seen this thread... very nice. I agree about the nametags... great idea. Dan... the big fat mexican can be seen in a couple shots... one in the distance... look for the shorts + long sleeve shirt. Sadly, my cosby sweater was back at the factory getting some upgrades. **BRENT**
  12. This was my first meet, and my camera shat the proverbial bed a few weeks ago, so no pix for me. I spent most of mine time hanging out and bumming around/talking to people, but did get to listen to a few things along the way. I went down there with the the intent to listen to a Millett Max (something which I'm thinking of purchasing). Let's see... there was Fitz' AKG collection, which was just massive (maybe 35-40 pairs?), and I believe they were all out of production (or at least most of them were). I just listened to the K1000's, as I knew it was something I wouldn't consider purchasing due to price, so there were no worries of me trying to sell my soul to obtain a pair. They were quite nice... and it'd be great to get a longer listen, but truthfully... I think I'd spend the $$$ on a speaker rig. 2xHF-1's, 2xDarth Beyers (1 was a Darth Boobie, I believe), RS-1, RS-2, SR-80, 3xHD650, HD600 w/cardas, HD580, ATH-AD900, ES7, 3xKSC-75, PX100, UE-10's, UE-11's, ER4S, DT-770, and possibly a couple others that sneaked by me... on top of the 642 (approximately) AKG's that were on hand. I spent most of my time with my HF-1's headphone wise, as I was really more interested in finding out what went well with those than listening to gear I won't be aquiring any time soon. I did get to put them up against RS-2's (I stayed away from the RS-1's, as I'd heard them before, and wanted them then. RS-2s were unfamiliar to me completely). They fared quite well with the Millett Max, where I prefered them to the RS-2s. The RS-2s seemed a bit more lust, and with a presentation that was a bit further back than what I was used to with the HF-1's... not as much edge, I guess one could say. I think I've found my amp. There was an Ayre CX7 with a Bryston pre-amp that sounded, even out of the headphone jack on the Bryston, very very good. The background just faded away. It seemed as if the noise floor was below where the physical floor should have been, if that makes sense. It was nice to hear a really high end source. It was run through a PS Audio power conditioner which had quite possibly the largest power cord I've ever seen in my 26+ years. Intimidating. There were quite a few amps there as well. Quite a few RS amps, both home and portable. A Heed Can-amp (I think), Little Dot II, PAV2 (I think), A Meier Corda HA2 MKII SE, a Mini3 that was having an issue, so I couldn't listen to it (though I wanted to), a Darkvoice tube amp (not sure of model), and I'm sure I'm missing a few others. There were a couple alien dacs from tomb and a number cruncher as well. It was great meeting some new people, putting names (well, screen names) with faces, and checking out some nice gear. As previously stated, I didn't listen to too much that I wasn't very intrigued by or looking to buy, but I did have fun on my first meet. I AM, however, QUITE impressed with the Millett Max. The guys did a great job on it, and I am looking forward to picking one up in the not-too-distant future. Thanks tomb for letting me try it out with my source there at the end (and staying over to talk a few minutes). I hope the next one is even better! **BRENT**
  13. Dave Matthews, or DMB? If DMB, Crash is a great start (If you don't like DMB, I'll sick Grawk's polar bear on you!). Beyond These Crowded Streets and Crash are my fav studio albums. Under The Table and Dreaming is good. Recently (the EP) is good. I have to recommend "Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds: Live at Luther College". The new one (Live at Radio City) is good to, but I think L@LC is better. I like the older mainstream stuff (not too familiar with their early years, but I know who is...). For live albums, I really liked "The Gorge" and "Live at Red Rocks" (I forget the date, maybe mid 90's? Basically, I like skinny Dave better than "healthy" Dave. **BRENT**
  14. It should have been pink... I bet it doesn't sound very fuzzy... **BRENT**
  15. Workin' on it... maybe i'll come back and read it drunk... and be able to decipher nething/something **BRENT**
  16. So... I've kinda inherited my late father-in-law's main speakers, some Cerwin Vegas VS-150's. Anyone have any info on these? Anyone have something like this before getting into audiophiledom? I know he'd gotten a great deal on 'em back in the day, but had hooked them up with cheap cable... as in, 10$ walmart lamp-cable > this cable. I hooked up my uber-pimptasticalicious .50cent 8ft (b/c we all know 8ft is the magic number, right?) heavy duty replacement cord (who needs extension cord when you can get REPLACEMENT cord) for power tools. With my free receiver (Motorola DCP-501... yes, its a cable box/receiver/DVD player all in one, but it's about 15 ft^3 (exaggeration, slight), and it has individually shielded opamps from the people who made the t-amp ones... forget the name) and with my 19.99$ Toshiba SD-3950 or my 29.88$ Toshiba SD-3960 and my 10$ Acoustic Research RCA's, I think I have a pretty killer 41$ setup (speakers flanking my old school SD 4:3 50" Magnavox big screen TV). It's retrotastic, for under 50$. The room is pretty big (19'7"x21'7"), so its not overly overpowering.... You know... I typed all that out for some reason sober... time to start drinking. I think there might be a question in there somewhere... if you can find it, lmk what you think... **BRENT**
  17. I just noticed this. As I am a keyboard shortcut kinda guy, I always take full advantage of the "alt + S" to submit a post. In FF2, however, this is now the shortcut for the History menu. Is it just me that this is going to affect? Let us rise up, and make FF2 fix the woeful problem, so I don't have to use my bloody mouse... or use another 2 key combination such as "Tab/Space or Tab/Enter"... tis just not the same. **BRENT**
  18. HeHe... He made a funny. **BRENT** P.S. Grawk, go ride my bike!
  19. hey... let me know more aboot it. AIM me at Oakleyluvr... sounds interesting. **BRENT**
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